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Ever Hear of the Invisible Crop CTD?

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I heard about this invisible crop thing years ago, where someone on Reddit was talking about srapping a crop, but it was there invisible. Trying to move it in any way or continously storing it CTDs.

I found this exact same thing at the Slog. Someone on the Steam Community a long time ago reported it in Covenant.

This happens vanilla or modded I have confirmed.

What in the world is this? I've heard from the Reddit post that this glitch has something to do with the collision boxes malfunctioning.

What do yall think?



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This is the first I have heard of this particular 'feature'...... Never experienced it myself... and I have scrapped some crops in various settlements......



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It definitely exists, yes. I had some buggy crops as well but it was years ago (3 in Sanctuary Hills, unmodded save, from 2016). For me it was because the crops were linked to the wrong workshop (don't remember which one).


Linking workshop objects to the settlement's workshop workbench with the WorkshopItemKeyword is done by the game engine, as well as creating it. If you try to move it, the game crashes, and if you try to store it, nothing happens. Interestingly, I was able to store of them (had to wait about two real minutes). The others didn't go away.. (To confirm the link, click on the crop and type "GetLinkedRef WorkshopItemKeyword". Then go to the workshop workbench and click on it to confirm if the RefIDs match).



By the way, nowadays, whenever I decide to build a new settlement, I create a save game first (hard save), build the settlement, export it with Transfer Settlement to a blueprint (and optionally to an .esp plugin if manual navmeshing is necessary..), then import it back to the save I made before building. Since 2019 I don't have any stability problems and I use a nice number of settlement mods.. :smile: But maybe game updates fixed workshop related hardcoded issues as well..


Bit unrelated but I noticed that after I build for 2-3 real hours, the workshop menu (the build mode) becomes laggy. I think I have a very good computer (though it's true in 2016 it had less powerful components) so.. it's interesting.. I sometimes have a feeling that the game code is even messier than some Papyrus scripts.


Forgot to mention that Sanctuary Hills was / is one of my most heavily built settlements. One more info: Transfer Settlement once placed and linked one of the crops from Sanctuary Hills' blueprint to Starlight Drive-In.

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I had seen a video where the author of the video was doing some "hax".  They had planted the crop in a planter, and then afterwards moved it over to a blank table in workshop.

The crop was still harvestable from there on the table.


If you were in workshop mode, and put your mouse over the area of the planter where it originally was, it would still highlight the shape of the corn, there in the planter.


Gotta love Bethesda.



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Floating/Sinking Farmers are also a pain... perhaps in areas where I scrapped terrain with the INSERT key toggled?
Perhaps because of using soil/dirt blocks from mods who've lost their presidence in load orders...
perhaps for no rythme or reason...

Some places farmers submerge into the ground to do their rooting with barely their sholders above ground...

someplaces they float...

TOO BAD there wasn't a way to ANCHOR the farming animations to the actual CROPS there does not seem to be any STRICT coding for this in the game .. :sad: (I have even spen half an hour using 'modpos' in console upon the illuminated farming animation markers to position them in perfectly logical positions refernced to the crops ~ :( ~ next fast travel they are all back where they WERE before no matter the saving i did or nothing)


SORRY I DIGRESSED! regarding Crop Ctd;s and Moving crops and etc... I have noticed strangeness when copying structures with Clipboard Resurrection occasionally if the structure INCLUDES: assignable crops, workbenches or stations... ESPECIALLY if they come from mods. so now i religiously DONT copy such and such anymore...

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