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Making a Patch for Perk Mods

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I apologize for bothering you all and if this is the wrong place to post this but I am at my wits end lol. I am super green at modding but Im learning, eagerly. I followed u/IHateForumNames tutorial for patching perk mods together using xEdit and PerkTreeUI script, and made a patch for Psikotic's Necromancy Mod and Vokriinator, but when trying to test it out, the new perk tree isnt showing the added branch I made for conjuration via the patch in game when opening the skills tab. Just the Vokriinator original tree.

Now Im lost because I dont know what I missed. Did I not do something? Looking at Vortex I have all the mods involved enabled, including Psikotics and my patch.

TL/DR: my patch isnt functioning after loading it up into the game.

Thank you for assisting me, in advanced.




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Take out all non-essential mods the game doesn't need, put only your mod in place, and try it again.  If it works than one of the other mods you have chosen to use may be so similar it over powers yours.


If your mod works as the only additional mod then start by adding one mod you chose to use to see if they work installed together.  Test the new setup.  If it works take out the mod that isn't yours and try another mod from your selection of mods in with your mod to find out if any of them make your mod fail.  

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