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machinima camera mod help mod request script recruiting hiring for gods sake help

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Hello, hello, hello!

The title is pretty explanatory, though I'm not sure if it's possible, but I REAAAAAAAALLY need a mod that would, for example let me:

-go into a tfc like free cam
-be able to FREEZE this tfc free cam
-retain control over my character (W, A, S, D, crouching, jumping, running, walking, shooting, etc.) 

If anyone is able to provide me with such a mod, you will be giving a formal invitation to join Punch It, the team I'm in the process of 
putting together for a 10 episode machinima series which would allow you to see all the scripts as they are written and even discuss
ideas you yourself might have, as well as having access to unfinished footage and the entire series before anything is released.

So for anyone who might be interested, or maybe would like to help but wants more incentive, here's a little Star Wars inspired 'crawl'
(by which I mean 3 small paragraphs, sorry, no animation/video) to summerize the jist of the series, which still has no name as for
right now.


HARVEY KEYMAN, a bodyguard by trade, is ready to quit 
the business. Retiring on his hard-earned caps, he 
travels south-east from NEW RENO through the NCR's
home-town of SHADY SANDS and down through NEW VEGAS
to find a home for himself down south.

But not before a mysterious, and odd, gang come looking for
him, leaving a trail of death and destruction in their mission
to take him alive before a shady organization working behind
the scenes who seems to more more about HARVEY's life
than he does himself.

Now, he's on the run across the MOJAVE WASTELAND and
further to try and escape this malicious consortium, as well
as a past he never knew he had. He'll need to be smart- He'll
need friends, old and new, if he wants to get out of this alive.


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