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How to Resolve FreeFlyCam Gamepad Issues

freeflycam enb gamepad

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I'm not too sure where to post this, but I hope this will help someone. I was able to contact one of the ENB/FreeFlyCam Teammates and they provided a solution to my problem. 
Problem: The FreeFlyCam AE edition would enter TFC-mode (which is basically a free cam option typically entered through console commands) after hitting the B-button (or circle button) for any duration. This would make it impossible to navigate any conversation or menu option without entering TFC-mode. One would think that the work-around would be for the B-button to activate TFC after a long press or for exiting TFC to be as simple as pressing B once more, but no. The solution was to enter the menu, navigate to the next tab, and then press B to exit. 
Solution: Within the FreeFlyCam.ini file there is a line for the B-button. Change the value to this numbered value "0x00", as seen below. This will turn the option off. 
Note: This will not deactivate the B-button nor the TFC-mode in general. The button will open the selection wheel as usual and TFC can be entered through the console commands "TFC" or "TFC 1" for stopping time. Alternatively, F7 will activate TFC and F7+Shift will activate TFC 1. 
Q: The files in my FreeFlyCam folder look different:
A: It appears as though some versions of FreeFlyCam come with a gamepad ini; however, the AE version doesn't. The logic is the same for other versions: find the B-button option in the ini files and enter 0x00.
Q: My ini file is resetting itself:  
A: I noticed that my ini file would reset itself after I saved my changes. Changing the file to read-only (through right-clicking the FreeFlyCam.ini and selecting properties) will prevent this.

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