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Mod idea/request: Entering Vehicles

starfighter ship mod idea request vehicle

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Now I know that this is probably already on many peoples minds, and there may even be a few brave souls that are trying to accomplish this, but:

I would LOVE to be able to get into vehicles kinda like the old Battlefront. I just played Instant Action on Ajan Kloss, and while running through that "hangar"-hole where the Tantive IV is parked, I thought to myself "man, look at all those parked (covered up) a-wings. It would be so awesome (if the Tantive wasn't there) to get in those, lift off and fly across the map!!" 


I am probably as far as you can get from an actual Modder, but serious question: Is it possible to make that kind of mod?
I mean, here is what the game gives us/modders for that cause:

- Start- and Landing-Animations from the Campaign

- Ability to enter Cannons/Turrets etc. (I have played a mod that replaces Turrets with speeders, and (bar the stuck in the ground speeder here and there) it works!)

- enough places on the maps where Ships can land or are located already (if those could be replaced)


Shoudln't it be possible to use these to get the landed ships into orbit? I mean, it doesn't have to be pretty! The grounded ships don't need Landing gears, the animations could be a bit wonky, idc!

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