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Supreme Perks - Yet Another Perk overhaul mod

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Hi all, so i'm finally back in fallout 4 after a 2 year break, and am currently working on a perk overhaul mod (in the planning stage), hence the title, it will be called supreme perks (assuming this name has not been taken). i'm calling it Supreme, because this will be a different take on the perks and they will now be very powerful and Unique, But also Balanced with its intention. however, it is not designed to be cheat mod, (but may look like it, as the perks will be far more potent then vanilla, and the majority of them offer many buffs as opposed to vanilla's typical single buff) 


a big part of the balance and focus, is the perks will require relatively high levels for each rank except base, and this is done on a 10 level basis, with the highest rank perk capping at level 100 (almost every perk will cap out at 100, thus meaning 10 ranks for each perk, so even at level 100 you still unlock more power)


the mod should truly give the sense of feeling more powerful as you level all the way to level 100. i will also be including an optional edit to the xp gains, so that it will take much longer to level up and thus make the perk mod even more balanced and beneficial and hopefully enjoyable. a lot of thought is going into this, i have already spent about 20 hours now just planning the the perks, it will cover and edit every single perk, with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 perks that i cant think of as a better change.


now, the reason and whole point for this topic, is to see if their will be interest in this, especially given the fact that their is already a fair amount of perk overhaul mods out their, and thus the idea of yet another 1 would be likely less interesting (which is also the reason for the second part of the topic title xD )


all of my perks will Offer multiple benefits (even the simple perks such as Gun Nut and Armorer, so instead of just simply unlocking Gun mods and Armor Mods Respectively, gun nut perk now also decreases the weight for guns, and armorer now increases the armor rating for armor addons, such as combat armor, as examples) thus giving the sense that your character is being truly optimal with their Unlocked potential, so ye a lot of goodies is packed into each perk, as opposed to vanilla that have very mundane benefits offered (quite a few of the new perks will have unique requirements), and quite a few will also be renamed, (actual perk name, not its ck entry, as to be compatible with any mod that would use perks) to reflect the direction of the new perk change.


Heres an example for 1 of the new perk changes:


*Iron Fist* Example:


so yea, as you can see iron fist, now much stronger, has a much higher level requirement, and it keeps offering more powerful ranks, even at level 100. now also note, that each new rank is 10 levels apart, and that is the main idea behind it, to give the player increasing levels of power at the right levels that makes sense, so their always viable throughout their journey, and truly get really powerful at the higher end of the levels again where it makes sense, and to also make a lot more play styles viable ie unarmed combat, and to even include new ones, such as a pacifist playstyle where you can not only now pacify most enemies, but you can also make them your companions, and likewise on the other hand you could create your own armies.


and here is another example, to show the uniqueness of the mod idea vs vanilla. (female version of the perk will be equivalent, replacing female condition with male, naturally. both perks will also be renamed to: King of Diamonds, and Queen of Hearts Respectively)


*Lady Killer/Black Widow* Example




so yea, with that said, i am interested to see if their is interest in this mod.

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*update* 14th September 2022


a Few More Examples of the uniqueness this mod will offer


A few more Perk Examples


lady killer renamed to: King of Diamonds
Blackwidow renamed to: Queen of Hearts
Attack Dog Renamed to: Supreme K9
Animal Friend Renamed to: Pack Alpha
Party girl/ Party Boy both renamed to: Dutch Courage
so ye, currently up to Part girl/ party boy, all perks before these are complete, so 4 perk trees are currently finished, just finishing the rest of charisma, then will move to next tree, taking me a fair amount of time, but will be worth it, the perks will be far superior to vanilla, unique, and will really beef up the player, as well as companions, and of course dogmeat, really wanna offer a reason to use the companions and dogmeat, and feel my mod willl really beef them up, so you can run around with hardened badasses with you being the ultimate badass :wink:
and the design of having each rank unlock 10 levels later, is the main focus of the mod, as its all about leveling progression. so at level 2 for example you have access to base rank, which is already nice at that level and makes sense at that level, then next rank unlocks at level 10, by this point your character would of had decent experience and thus ready to level up to the next stage of power, and so on. 
as mentioned before, this mod will be completely designed for the player to start at level 1, so the progression of their power feels natural, optionals will be offered to town down the effects of these perks, as their will no doubt be those that may feel this mod could be overpowered, and optionals will be offered for the lady killer and black widow.

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