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A Realism Overhaul

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A Realism Overhaul

A collection that focuses on realistic high definition graphics and mechanics.



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I'm a regular Wabbajack user.  I'm also adversely against using Vortex.  That said, I've still been curious about how the new Collections option was doing so decided to do some perusing.


The reason I am commenting on your offering is, first, you actually gave it a name.  Next, you gave it an image that went along with your concept.  Last, you added a coherent and well written description of  what it encompasses.  So for that I wanted to congratulate you.


But so far... so far the rest of what I'm seeing is graffiti in a boy's bathroom.  Barren's chat.  It's as if Nexus didn't care and just gave all the kids new iPhones with full internet access and tossed them in a yard and said "Go play, have fun, we don't give a s*** what you do, just MAKE MORE COLLECTIONS!"  


Is this how they moderate?  It just seals my decision to have nothing to do with Collections.  And the very few, such as yourself, that are taking it seriously are losing out because you're surrounded by 12s.  I would play this if it was on Wabbajack.  In any case, sorry to come rant in your Collection, I just sincerely wanted to give you a kudos for being what I had actually expected all Collections to be in my naiivete.

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