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1st/3rd person and cell change bug? (player re-render)

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Skyrim 1.5.97, SKSE 2.0.20

Racemenu 4.16 (and memory leak patch and NiNode Texture Override fix installed. Problem exists with or without these two)


I'm noticing a bug in player refresh/update/redraw/re-render (whatever it's called in Skyrim coder jargon):

  • when transitioning from 1st to 3rd person, some player variables are not updated properly
    a) using mousewheel
    b) using the First-person hotkey
  • when changing cells, some player variables are not updated properly
  • When equipping/de-equipping weapons, some player variable sometimes are not updated properly
  • Edit: After using the map
  • Randomly, seemingly out of nowhere, a "silent" player/update/re-render results in the lost values again.
    - ie, while still in cell, while still in 3rd person, and when no weapons or other gear is being swapped

Three areas seem affected

  • spinal adjustments
  • skin tone
  • weaponry customization (scale, resting position, etc) are lost during one of the above update/re-renders


Can anyone give me some insight as to why this is? And what I can do about it?



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Sunday Bump


Let me ask this, if you can't say more on the issue directly.


Which file controls re-rendering of the player upon return from 1st person to third, or when reappearing after cell change, or re-appearing after the map has been employed? 


idk if it's a pex in the scripts folder or a script/function embedded into some esp or bsa


edit: hmm, I just realized that if that specific file doesn't contain the actual code I'm looking for, this could lead to a rabbit hole of epic proportions. I'm really trying to get to whatever file that holds the code that's issuing and assembling the specs on the player construct, just prior to re-render. It's that, that's broken. It's applying something out of order (not always, mind you, or I'd be inclined to blame literal load order). 





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Impatient Friday bump and minor update.


Cell changes are not in fact 100% certain to cause this loss-of-records/incorrect-character-re-render behavior, but it does happen in about eight out of ten cell changes (door, fast-travel, wagon, boat, etc)


All referenced .esp files exist


All referenced textures exist

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