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How to remove parts of a static mesh?


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I'm trying to edit some pieces of a tileset so I can have a bit more freedom and variaty in an interior area: specifically I'm trying to remove the ceiling and floor bits from a "Wall" (CasHiRmWall) piece so that it is *just* the wall.


I'm making the edits with Blender 2.49b but the furthest I can get intuitively just leaves me with the vanilla piece intact, without the ability to to select and move it around in the geck render window. I'm not getting far fiddling with Import/Export settings.




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To be selectable in Geck, your static nif must have a BSFadeNode as a root node. There is a Blender setting on export to choose that.


If you are customizing static and you're not super comfortable with the nif structure, I suggest to read these guides: https://www.nexusmod...egas/mods/76374



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There are two meshes in the nif. One is the wall/ceiling/floor bits and the other is the collision mesh. For a very simple mesh like this, I would just delete the collision mesh and create a new one.


Step 1: Edit the tileset mesh to remove the ceiling and floor.

Step 2: Delete the existing collision mesh, since it still includes collision with the ceiling and floor bits that you just removed.

Step 3: Copy the wall mesh (in Object mode, click on Object -> Duplicate).

Step 4: Turn your copy into a collision mesh. Select your copied mesh (should still be selected if you just copied it, but if you did something else to de-selected it then you need to select it again). Select the Object panel (the icon with the three arrows in the X, Y, and Z direction). On the Draw portion of the panel, click on Bounds under Drawtype, then click on Wire under Draw Extra. Keeping your new mesh selected, now select the Logic panel (the pacman icon). Click on Bounds, then select Triangle Mesh. Click Add Property, change the type from Float to String, then type the string HAV_MAT_WOOD (or any other valid Havoc collision type) in the empty box.

Step 5: Go back to the render window and press A twice to select all (since you have an object selected, the first time de-selects all, so you need to press it twice).

Step 6: Export your nif. On the export screen, select Fallout 3 for the game type (you probably already have this selected), then go to the top center and click on Static, then Wood. Under Shader Options, make sure Use BSFadeNode Root is selected.


Add the new nif to the GECK, and you should be good to go.

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