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quest mod conflict

quest mod sancretor windfall lostspires qtp3 fcom ooo frans obge

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Hey I'm running a rather large collection of mods and would like to know if they are all compatible with each other especially the quest mods. The following are the major ones i use:


Graphics/performance mods




streamline 3.0

oblivion stutter remover

natural environments(only weather and habitat enabled)

alive waters




FCOM with ooo,frans,mmm and warcry plus all optionals

stereo overhaul

oblivion character overhaul by nuska

armamentarium complete+artifacts 1-1

unique landscapes complete




heart of the dead
et in arkay
lost paladins of the divines
gift of kynareth
lost spires
naked nord
tears of the fiend
integration the stranded light
old crow inn
kragenir's death quest
ruined tail's tail
verona bloodlines
reclaim sancre tor
cybiades dageerfall memories
ayleid steps
dark brotherhood chronicles
blood and mud dirt delux anglais

mighty umbra

mannimarco revisited

legend of kah'lil

glenvar castle

hoarfrost castle

an-arcane key lost swords of the ayeleids

the contended prisoner

artefacts of the ancestors

frostcrag reborn de isolated

froscrag village

knights of the nine revelation

adens epic dungeaon

forgotten tomb

forgotten realm

arrows of the ayeleid king

against the zealots of the nine



Body mods


hgec female (plus eve hgec replacers for vanilla,fcom,armamentarium armors)

roberts male(plus replacer for artifacts armors)

natural walk mod



ren's hairs


slof's robetraders

tamriel travellers

and some more......


 I think I've applied all the unique landscapes patches for the above mods and load order is sorted using BOSS. I have all official dlcs,shivering isles,all official and unofficial patches. I've also cleaned all mods with dirty edits as reported in BOSS with TES4edit.

I estimate it should take me about 500 hours to play through them all and i don't mean to uninstall or install any mods once i get going. This is my first time playing oblivion and i would really appreciate it if you guys could point out any conflict between any of these mods so that i could have an uninterrupted playthrough with my ultra beautiful female character :smile: xD Thanks a lot in advance :smile:

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