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CTD when entering cities/outdoors.

mod help tech ctd cities outdoors crash

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I need help solving this problem. I have recently reinstalled skyrim along with a lot of mods but can not seem to find out the reason why it crashes when I enter cities or outdoors. I cleaned the mods with TES5 but can not fix the nav mesh files.

I do not own any of the skyrim DLC, so I unchecked all mods that require them.


EDIT : I crash randomly when i'm outdoors.




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Transition ctds are a common thing in skyrim. I can't remember the common method for solving these but many other threads on this forum and others have numerous threads, many of which have a fix on them. Also I don't know if it will work with this ctd but sometimes logging in and out of steam ceases the ctds, especially the ones at startup.




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216 activated mods? Yeesh. It's rare that you can have a stable game with so many. Plus, it's no wonder you're having issues if you just started randomly adding mods without checking anything.


Why do you have .esps for so many mods that don't need them? The 5 CBBE mod plugins aren't necessary, nor are the ones for Bella's mod (and most of those conflict), nor are the ones for luscious females, younger bretons and XCE (which all conflict with Bella's and each other). The way plugins work, the one lowest on the list takes precedence; so, you're only getting XCE in your game as it's lowest on the list, but have half a dozen pointless mods loaded. If you got them from Steam, unsubscribe/remove them, and get them from Nexus. Then you'll be up to date and wont have 20 plugins you don't need.


SMIM mods are ancient. Update them/get them from Nexus.


You have 8 obsolete mods. Update or delete them.


You have 4 dirty mods that require attention. Clean them. If you already cleaned them and it didn't work, update BOSS and TES5Edit to the latest version and clean them again.


You have 1 mod that was released before the CK. Update it.


NavMesh issues always caused instability in my game. Try cleaning them again, or think about if you're really that desperate to keep them.


To be honest, really you should just remove everything and start over, only adding a few mods at a time, and preferably getting them from Nexus if you can find them here. Nexus even has a mod manager that's a lot better than the Workshop one (and this coming from someone who only installs manually or uses Bash) if you don't want to install manually.

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