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Paint ON (Mod)

paint armor weapon mod help skyrim retexture

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Hi, I'm trying to create a mod which allows you to paint your equipment. I'll add paint (in the form of potions or void salts, not yet decided) in the world and add them to crafting recipe of newly added painted (basicly retextured variants of) weapons and armor. The tricky part is that I don't want these painted items to be created by spells or crafted through blacksimth objects such as the forge or the workbench because painting is not related to them. Maybe a menu could pop-up after clicking on the paint allowing you to choose the item you want to paint. But I don't know how i could do that. I've never created a mod before so I'm not very good at the CK. Help would be appretiated A LOT...


Anyone who can help can be a partner of this mod.

I think this mod would be essential because it can add dozens of "new" armor and weapons in the game without changing the meshes. I'll start my work with only shields. After they are done, I'll start quievers, armor and finally weapons. 

Please share your ideas about the mod...




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Well im really happy that you willing to make any mod that lets you paint. If you have a problem with it you can do it fallout 4 style add game textures and let players browse with use of paint.

About salts you should make new ink cuz salts in real life will be destroyed and well potions well dont fit :C. So just retexture ink to like pinkish color for pink dye or other types. But men oh man i hope you make it like you want not like fallout thought. :D to actually help you out if you wont be able to figure it yourself you should add i dont know a menu pop up with our weapon mowable with right click and well paint it. give us more tools please than just like paint level with shading i hope :D. About station i might be able to create model but im not sure how to input it in the game. Cuz i know how to use blender for texture i wont help cuz im good at graphics but textures Nope. I hope it will work and from me thumbs up. :D

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