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head and body problems

mod head body armor hawke aveline

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So I downloaded Dragon Age 2 onto my system, my friend ran my though on how to make a head file to install it onto one of my party members (Aveline) I got the body down since the coding is simple on that part, I just put Warden armor on him but everytime I put in his coding (hm_aragorn) into the savegame_apperance_morph_nameecstring he comes up headless. The file for him is an erf and I put that in a folder named customheads into my overide folder (yes the document one) I'm so lost on what to do, that I want to pull my hair out. Please don't send me the modding for dummies I can't count how many times I've read that along with other sites. >_<


Also while this is posted I wanted to ask how the heck do I apply downloaded armor mods onto my Hawke? In what part of the GFF Editor do I go to? I've been going to savegame_playerchar>savegame_playchar_char>savegame_apperance>savegame_apperance_morph_nameecstring and again nothing happens... Am I going to the wrong spot or what? Any help would be apperciated in this maddness.




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Even when I install this head and code it in, it doesn't show up.




Thought I'd just give a second example.




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So, if I understood well, you want to change Aveline's appearance by altering her face and her clothing in your savegame ? IMHO, this is not the best way to achieve what you want.

For the head modification, you should extract and alter this file : hf_aveline.mor (it's located in "your_game_folder"\packages\core\data\face.erf)
Don't forget to make a copy from the original file before doing any modification (thus, you'll to be able to start again from a sane file if things don't turn well).

Open the file with Gff editor, expand line 0 by clicking on the little "+". Then go to line 23000 (MORPH_PARTS) and expand it by clicking on the "+" again. Skip the first two lines (0 and 1) and go to line 2 in order to change Aveline's hairstyle.

Then go back to line 23001 (MORPH_TINTFILENAMES) and expand it by clicking on its "+".
- line 0 is for skin tone
- line 1 is for lips colour
- line 2 is for eyes colour
- line 3 is for hair colour
- line 4 is for the colour of the eye-shadow
- line 5 is for the blush colour
- lines 6 to 9 are for tattoos
- line 10 is for brow/stubble colour
and I don't know exactly what's the purpose of line 11.

When you're done, save the modifications under the same file name (hf_aveline.mor) and drop the file into your "C:\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\packages\core\override" directory

Note that you can only have one head (and clothing) mod per follower into your override folder at time.

For the armour change, the easiest way is to use a mod that unlocks your followers' clothing slots like equip your party, diversified follower armour or expanded party system.
There's another way to alter your followers' clothing if you don't want to use those mods, but it's a little complicated so I won't explain for now.



If you still have trouble, I'm willing to make those changes for you, just tell me exactly what you need (here or by PM).


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And to use armour mods on Hawke, you don't have to alter your savegame ; just follow the instructions that are given in the mod description or in its readme file.
Usually, you'll have to drop the erf file you've downloaded into your override folder, then launch the game, activate the console and type : runscript script_name_found_in_the_mod_description. The new armour should thus be added to your inventory.

If you don't know how to enable and activate the console, take a look here : http://dragonage.wik...(Dragon_Age_II)




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I downloaded Lapis Lazuli's Dragon Knight Armor mod for my Hawke. But, when I equip the armor ,her body disappears,and her hair is removed after equipping her hood. Any suggestions?




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The mod is working fine for me so I do have a question: is there any chance that you're using "Playable Elf Race" or "Playable Elfs Beta"?


I'm asking because this kind of issue typically arises when you're trying to equip an armour that is not meant for your character's gender and/or race.

If not, can you list the mods you're currently using? Thanks.

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