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Creating new PipBoy Icon in PhotoShop.

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Creating new PipBoy Icon in PhotoShop.

This is just my way of doing it from trial and error but it works.

1. Open Photoshop
2. Load a PipBoy Icon from another mod, you will find them if you have other mods loaded in

Textures\Interface\icons\Pipboyimages or maybe a modders subdirectory.
Any Icon will do you only want the size really.
When you open the Icon it will be all white, everything is in the Alpha channel.
3. In the Top RGB channel copy your icon design you made elsewhere or draw one. Keep it simple.
4a. If you pasted your Icon from something else you can scale it down to the Icon size using Edit,Transform,Scale, grab one of

the corners and make it fit then click apply.
4b. I then use the magic wand to get rid of the background.
4c. Then Image, Adjustments, Invert to give yourself a negative.
5. Go to the alpha channel and make it all black.
6.Copy the design from the Top RGB channel and past in into the Alpha channel.
7.Flatten the image in the RGB channel if there is more than one.
8. Make the top RGB channel all white.
9. Save as a DDs file (using your new filename) and click no Mip maps and OK

This is how I created my Icons and they look fine in-game. You can also add text to your design before copying it down to the

alpha channel if you want.

I hope this helps some people.
I would like to thank BadPenney and SpeedyB64 for getting me to look into this as I was looking for a Tutorial which I donít

think exists.




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nice this helps





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2 through 4a is unneeded and too limiting. Just create your icon, then on last step before saving, change the image size to 256x256 or any other power of 2 (crop and/or adjust canvas size before hand if your image isn't square)

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