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Basic Question -- How can I tell if the mod is working?


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Not new to Fallout, but new to using a mod with it.  I recently got the bug to play again and pulled it up on PC via Steam and was advised to give some of the really great mods a try since this wasn't my first rodeo.


So I got the mod manager program which seems to work pretty well, and went light just to try it.  I picked up the unofficial bug fix, the CONELRAD radio mod, and the Poco Bueno texture pack.  


Now when I start Fallout, the "Data Files" portion do show the radio and bug fix patches, so I figure there's a shot of those working.  The texture pack does not show up.


1)  Supposedly CONELRAD loaded, however pulling up a PipBoy shows no additional radios.  Are modders limited to replacing radio signals and I should be expecting to find this under a different channel?  Or can you add new radios and something went wrong because it doesn't show up?


2)  The texture pack didn't show up as a data file, but it occurred to me that maybe it wouldn't if it were only replacing some graphics files with (supposedly) better ones.  However I looked around Goodsprings and didn't notice anything in particular being "better" though I'll admit, on a modern rig, graphics on ultra, everything looks pretty damn good to begin with.  Is there any way to know if it's actually working?  


I doubt I would know if the bug fix thing is working, except maybe if things like that dude in Nipton stays dead, and other assorted oddities that happen in the wasteland.  If anyone has a suggestion on how to tell, I'm all ears.  


Thanks!  It's obvious you all have put a HUGE amount of work into these.  Some of them are very cool and looking forward to trying them out and tweaking the New Vegas experience a bit.

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