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Two Not HORRID Bugs... but would like to get fixed.

random bug weird help dragon lavender everywhere

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Okay... so the first bug is literally anytime I fast travel any recent dragons I've killed follow me. Their corpses just sort of show up uninvited like they're trying to remind me I killed them every. single. time.


The only dragon mod I have is Dragons Diversified. Not sure if that's the culprit or what?


See below:




Secondly, which is somewhat shown above I literally have Lavender plants EVERYWHERE. I don't know how or why there are so many but it's too many to be pretty!

I have Dat Grass, Skyrim Flora Overhaul Standard, Natural Grass Floor and that's pretty much it that I can think of that would do that... it wasn't always like that but started playing today and BAM!




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The dragon stalker is a vanilla bug exacerbated by dragon mods. You can "markfordelete" the dragon in console. It usually, but not always, works. Your Lupine problem obviously stems from one of those flora mods.




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I always 'disable' my dead dragon stalkers. =D


As for the plants, it's an 'issue' with Grass on Steroids, I think. It's the only mod I have that affects flora other that SFO. Vurt says not to use GoS with SFO, but given GoS improves performance by a ton (and Vurt's suggestion to make the grass thicker and stuff would make performance worse)...no way in hell am I getting rid of it. Plus, flowers are pretty. ^_^



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^I agree, the above screenshot with the lavenders look great. :)

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