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10,000 script stacks all in sudden

dyndolod bloat script trouble help ctd

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I am on 1500 mods/700 plugin build, it was working fine until last Friday.


When I wake up Saturday and continue play from Breeze home, all in sudden I get 10,000 of script stack in my auto-save when I get out of the home.


Game is then crashed when get out of Whiterun.


I spent 1 whole week to figuring out what is happening, still no luck.


Noticed that bloat is happening on the cell change, when I drop DynDoLOD it gets much better, but still few thousands of script stacks.


Started new game with DynDoLOD, still few thousands of stacks.


When I open the save in re-saver, there is actually a few thousand of null scripts are running.


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Very strange thing is, even when I get back to the old build (I am keeping some of the whole Skyrim folders, includes MO, DynDoLOD and everything), same thing is still happening out there.


Those builds/saves were working completely fine back then.


Anyone here having same kind of issue? any thoughts?

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I'm on SE 1.5.9 still and having lots of stacks and suspended scripts also since a few days, must be a mod that updated this last week but  with a load order of 3476 mods in  2345 esp's  almost impossible to find it, mine are no null stacks though it's p03tweaks that starts scanning thousands of npc related spells until the game grinds almost to a halt, I have two possible culprits in mind (a new mod I installed and an update of an existing one) but not going to name it or them before I'm absolutely sure, I'm about to test the updated one by rolling back to a previous version, if it's not that one then I'll remove and clean save the other one.... or it could be another mod altogether with my mod load I get an average  of 10 mod updates /day through the nexus tracking system lol. 


EDIT: Found the cause of my problem and it was an unexpected one, turns out a perk from ordinator was causing it, overflowing cup which make it possible to overheal the player, this coupled to the auras from the buxom wench mod made my game  drop frames and stacks every 3 seconds resulting in over 10000 suspended stacks.  Now that is something different than your problem, looking at your screenshot from resaver I guess it's a dyndolod problem, sometimes dyndolod makes dozens of stacks and resaver gives a warning when opening the save file because of it, but they are never suspended like in your screenshot, perhaps something got corrupted or is missing or got overwrittten in the dyndolod ressources file forcing a loop ?

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Thank you so much for the reply.


Struggling for some more days, now null scripts are gone except when using Dyndolod.


Because the same thing is happening all among the backup builds, I even think the cause could be something outside of skyrim, could be windows update, graphic driver update etc.


Now I can kind of back to playing but miss that infinite grass LODs to the horizon.


-Edit- found null scripts will be made only when cell-changing auto save now. Give up auto save and use manual save/quick save is fine.


-Edit2- One of the reasons could be, Critter Spawn Congestion Fix. It needs a save that free of critter spawn script in active/suspended stack. I have started this run from one of those intro-skipping save data, and it already had some critter spawns, that might gradually ruin my saves. For the first time ever, I could not meet Barbas this time. Could be some influence there. 

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