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Quest Marker without a quest journal entry (Follow Map Maker Mod Help)

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Hello, I have recently decided to pick up my mod 'Follower Map Markers' again (http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/13798/?), the mod hasn't been touched for well over a year and a half, and I wish to try and make the mod easier to use than before (as well as add SkyUI MCM support). However, my creation kits skills have (somewhat) escaped me... I was just wondering if anyone could possibly take a look at the mod and give me tips on possibly executing the mod design in a simpler way than before...

At the moment, a follower, or potential follower, has a dialogue option "Get Map Marker" this then creates a quest and places it in the miscellaneous section of the journal, where it can be toggled on and off. This works relatively okay, except the dialogue option remains, as well as the journal eventually getting packed with quests for map markers... The dialogue even disappears and re-appears at times, depending on the progress with the follower, and sometimes doesn't even work with some characters..

Is it possible there is a easier way to do this, maybe a map marker that doesn't require a quest and can be toggled on and off with MCM (which I think would be the best idea). I attempted to create a MCM, however, nothing came of it as I'm not the best when it comes to scripting. If anyone could give me any tips, or recommend a easier way at executing the "Map Markers" it would be greatly appreciated, as this mod is a great help to me, as well as a lot of people. It just needs some work :smile:

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Hello, I'm not a scripter but I've been working on a special follower and as I've been high and low looking for just one piece of script that would turn on my actors map marker after I have spoken to them and made them my follower, I saw in the creation kit wiki that what your looking to do can be done in an array, if I read it right I have looked through your map maker and it's a great works, but I did see where you had to make a quest for just about everyone that's anyone in skyrim and that had to take some time doing. But anyways like I said I'm no scripter I can't even get my single actor to activate much less all of skyrim LOL...

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