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Toying With The Guards Mod Idea

random silly amusing toying with the guards

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Okay, so I was playing some skyrim earlier and talking to a friend.. And I had some really silly and funny ideas. Not many ideas, but some. As it turns out, I seem to have a talent for ticking off the guards lmao. And hearing their dialoge as I pass by, got me to thinking.. What if one were able to tell the guards off or be a smartass and be sarcastic to the guards?


The ideas I had are:


1. Being able to be a smartass/sarcastic.

- example:

Solstiene Guard: ....One moment.. You look...familiar...

player: (the player could have a number of different options to be able to respond with. but this  is one that came to mind for me lol) - .. oh? you don't say... and so do you.. oh wait.. i know why.. you look like all the other guards!

-- after this, I'd imagine you could just casually stroll off, or if you've seriously ticked off the guards, end up with a higher bounty.


2. Be able to insult the guards! I mean why not? You can already assault them.. Arrow to the face, sword to the chest.. Dagger to the throat.. Spells to wherever...and so on.. But there is so far no option to be able to insult them. Again, I'd imagine it'd result in some form of bounty or even slightly annoying the guards.. And who knows. Maybe if you do it enough times, they eventually get sick of it and do something about it.


3. Food fight! - A way to fight.. with food as weapons. Be able to hit guards.. or even others... with pie.. to the face.


And I'll stop there for now before my sugar induced randomness takes me further lol. Just were some ideas that had to come mind from a sugar high.

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One word: .AMAZING.


I would seriously like this mod I support it all the way through. +1

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