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Moonlight Tales - Werewolf followers?

moonlight tales follower consume werewolf blood wont work glitch

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I am sooo frustrated at this point. Okay, so we know that the dialogue option for followers to "consume werewolf blood" Doesn't work. Nothing happens. Zip.


It's been stated, so I KNOW it doesn't work, but no one seems to be able to tell me WHY it doesn't work. Is that so hard?!


I want to know: Why doesn't it work? Is there a fix for it? If it doesn't work, why is the dialogue option still there? And if it will never work, HOW can I turn my follower into a werewolf without pissing them off? If I attack them, they attack me!


I thought I managed to get around it once. With Faendal, I attacked him, he attacked me, I ran. He caught up later and was seemingly fine with everything and was acting as a normal follower. He was infected and I got him to turn when I did. Woohoo!


BUT! He wouldn't attack anything. I'd be doing all the fighting and he would just follow me around like a big ugly puppy. Also, (whether he was in wolf form or not) If I attempted to talk to him while I was in wolf form, BAM! Instant enemy.


What the hell is going on?! DX I'm pulling my hair out here!! SOMEBODY, for the love of Sithis, (don't judge me) HELP!!!!




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Same problem, exactly.  Since it has been 4 years, and no one has responded, I am giving this a bump.




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YES. I've had Ondolomar as a follower for a while now, and have tried just about everything under the sun to force transformation -


- Giving werewolf blood potion, after which gives options for when to transform and even which skin to use. Trying all options yields nothing.

- Adding him to player-werewolf factions via console

- Adding Beast Form ability via console

- Having him equip Hircine's Ring

- Full moon has no effect on him whatsoever (I have the chance is set at 100% transformation on Full Moon nights).


I've been able to get random Thalmor at the Embassy to transform though...

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