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Mod Suggestion - AI Voice companion / More Johnny Interactions inside your head

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While playing throught Cyberpunk 2077 and completing it many times (almost all main missions until the Point of No Return, all Fixer misisons and all NCPD Scanners), to me, the game suddenly feels a bit lonely.


Imagine this: you finished the Heist and got stuck with Johnny inside your head, you found Skippy and have a talkative gun and finished the Delamaine questline and you have a talkative car. At this point, you suddenly find your self with 3 "companions" that mostly stay with you throught the endgame.


This means that, for a limite time, you always find yourself a voiceline from these 3 AI's, which I think adds a little flavour to immersion.


My question is, would it be possible to create a mod that allows you to integrate an AI companion inside your head, where you can interact, ask questions, etc. (similar to Alexa)?


Alternatively, would it be possible to add more voicelines with Johnny when talking to him inside your head, when you fulfill a set of parameters? (reach max cred, max level, complete X numbers of NCPD Scanner missions, complete X number of Fixer Gigs, etc.)



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