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Mods with Epic, Xbox for PC, Ubi etc ?

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I've never used mods before; but I am good with computers; hardware and software -  looking for some advice.

Most my games are on Steam - but I have quite a lot of games on other Launchers for PC....



I want to mod mostly pretty modern PC games like the Tomb Raider Reboot Series, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Far Cry Series, Bioshock Series, Crysis Series, Wolfenstein Reboot Series, GTA V etc etc etc.


Can someone point me to a definitive thread/guide on using mods like Nexus etc on Epic (whether video, website guide etc)?


Same question for other types of mod systems - which do you recommend for PC? 




I have a few good games on Epic - but I'm wondering should I cough up and buy them again on Steam just to use the mods (but I'd rather avoid this as I don't have much cash).

Is it that much more likely to actually work at all and/or work properly on Steam vs Epic; and/or that much easier on Steam vs on Epic?


Or is it pretty much the same success rate?




BTW - do mods work for other game Launchers like games which use Steam or Epic - but then further open them in the Ubisoft Launcher or just the Ubisoft Launcher on its own?  Similar question for EA/Origin Launcher games...  


What about modern games sold as Microsoft/Windows Games ?


Any other Launchers I'm forgetting for PC?



Same questions again for Xbox Game Pass for PC - do ANY mods work with those games? 

Really interested in this as I will be renewing my Xbox Game Pass for PC this week ? 



For ref I have a spec'd out 12700K, 3070 Ti etc running Win 11.


Any other advice or links etc to help me figure this stuff out - would be greatly appreciated.







Thank you for your help

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