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Need Just a Wee Bit of Help with INI and Mods

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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read. I'm looking for a tall, dark, and handsome... oh wait, wrong site. What I need on this forum is bit of help/suggestions regarding my ini files (which I know are messed up) and my mods which are very tame compared to what I've tried before (too many 4k texture packs turning my PC into an easybake oven). I found the mods I like, could still use a boost but the current setup gives me small 45fps min dips up to my normal average 60fps (60 max with vsync). I'd like to keep playing with vsync because tearing makes me go crazy. Also occasionally I get a CTD, which I assume is either from a bad setting somewhere or a Mod breaking something. Shooting for no crashes and 60fps all the time.

My PC Specs:
4.2Ghz 3570k
8GB Corsair 1866 DDR3 CAS 9
Asus GTX 670 2GB
240GB Intel SSD

My drivers are all up to date and everything is fine on the hardware's end. (Would be awesome of someone else with a 670 could help).

I have attached my INI files and added "Rob's" in front of them so they won't get mixed up with other INIs. I also attached a BOSSlog, it came up clean. Again, I assume it's my INIs that are the problem. I need to get rid of the lines I don't need or that don't do any enhancements. Below are pics of the load order and mods I use so that it's easier to see (Nexus Mod Manager). I have the safe load deactivated because it doesn't seem to fix the issues, and I never get the infinite load screens (I have it in case I ever do run into that). Thanks again, I'm sure someone will be able to take a 10 min look and fix everything from having the game for a long time and being familiar, whereas I got this game 3 days ago from the Steam Sale on PC (originally played it vanilla on console when it came out, so different).

Since this thing isn't letting me attach these files, I put them here:


Yes, it's just the ini and .txt files... nothing scary.

Links to the mods I use:


   Makes UI way better.
RealVision ENB

   Option B Performance ENB 243a
A Quality World Map

   Adds roads to the world map.
Safety Load

   Prevents infinite load screens.
Climates Of Tamriel

   Makes weather more interesting.
Skyrim HD

   I used the LITE versions.
Enhanced Lights and FX

   Goes with the ENB.
Quality Snow HD 4k

   Went with the dark 1k.
Tendos Skyrim Redone

   Makes perks more fun.
Wearable Lanterns

   Brave the ENB's spooky dungeons with a light.
A Matter of Time

   Looks cool and tells time.
Book of Silence

   Damn good texture packs.
Climates Of Tamriel Weather Patch

   More for the ENB.
When Vampires Attack

   NPCs > Ash Piles... nuff said.
Run For Your Lives

   NPCs > Burning Carcasses....
Supreme Storms

   Goes with CoT.
ACE Balance Your Own Game

   Lets me nerf stuff.
Static Mesh Improvement Mod

   Everyone needs this.
Ruins Clutter Improvement

   Sorcery: 2B, Buff the crap out of the ruins clutter.
Realistic Ragdolls

   No one likes chasing the body full of loot across the map.
Realisitc Water Two

   I was thirsty.
Bellyache's HD Dragons

   Makes them more perdy.
Enhanced Night Skyrim

   Oh, the puns....
Eyebrow Specularity Fix

   With great eyebrows comes great responsibility.

Others: TES5EDIT, BOSS, Nexus Mod Manager, Skyrim Script Extender





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I recommend downloading the Skyrim Performance Monitor, and run your Skyrim with it.




Take a look after the CTD and tell me if your Maximum RAM is somewhere near 3GB.


You see, Skyrim is a 32-bit program, which means it has a RAM cap in the neighborhood of 3GB, and when it exceeds that, CTD. This is simply the most likely problem, from my experience (after dependency issues, which will crash on the home screen, before even getting into the game).


Alternatively, you could simply be hitting a rare conflict between mods (it happens). You can change "bEnableLogging=0" to "bEnableLogging=1"  under [Papyrus] to turn on the debug logs. I don't know enough about INIs to make any other recommendations, though I'm sure someone more experienced can help.


Also, you might as well leave Safety Load on, you never know when you might need it, and by the time you need it, it's too late.


That's about all I can tell you, short of suggesting a comprehensive Modding package like Skyrim Beautification Project (http://www.skyrim-be...ion-project.com).


Good luck fixing your problem.

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