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                   Jo'Argos Weapons & Wears









Hello and Welcome. My Name is Jo'Argo, I am a Merchant that travels throughout Tamriel. I own this shop where I buy and sell various items, weapons, and armour.





Let me tell you a bit about my shop and how it works:



Once a week I will return to this topic and post a list of a bunch of items


-1 Armour

-1 Gloves

-1 Hood/Helmet

-1 Boots

-2 Spell Books

-2 Jewelry

-4 Weapons (One will always be Arrows)

-6 Misc Items (One will always be lockpicks)

-1 Rare Item (Weapon/Armour/Etc...)



What you can do is come to my shop I will post the list with a price. First one to post what you want with how much youll be paying will get the item to use for there various roleplaying around the forums



You can also sell what you may have picked up, and I will give you gold for what its worth.







-When buying items, 1 player can only buy 1 item every 24 hours, this will insure that everyone can get a chance at one item they want/need.


-When selling items, tell me:

1.How you got them (did u find them in a chest / Did you loot them off a dead body / was it given to you / did u craft it yourself.

How much your looking to get for the item (I will reply ether agreeing to your price, lowering it for what its worth, or raising it for what its actually worth.)



Remember I have limited gold, so I can only buy from you what I can afford.



Also all items bought by me will be placed back into the items list, for others to buy







If you like this idea please tell me, if not please state that in a PM to me with your reason. If you wish to add to my idea, or give me suggestions PM me and let me know, I will take all suggestions into account.


I will be back online every weekend, to post a list for the weekend once Monday comes around the shop will be closed.







Jo'Argo's Shop V1.0 (Shop may improve, different style items may be added / item lists may get bigger

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