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Introducing: [CODE-NAME] Angel: [Real name remains classified in Enclave military records.]

Enclave Field Operative & Scientist


[OOC] Angel's real name is Claudia Delacroix, but nobody should know it due to it being classified. Only high-rank Enclave intelligence and recon officers know her real name, as well as a few very close friends.

Prounounced: Clauh-deeah Deh-la-cwah

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Race: Un-irradiated human

Strengths: Fast, Hard to hit, Tech and Hacking/Energy Tools, Sneaking

Weaknesses: Easily wounded, low strength, charming men, chems, heavy weapons.

Skills: Energy Weapons, Science, Speech

Weapons of Choice: Plasma Sniper Rifle, Sword she specially built that emits a plasma blade, Cryo Grenades. Angel's arsenal includes strictly energy weapons.

Fighting Style: Stealthy and Fast, Far-away or up-close and personal, Angel's military agility grants her the ability to move quickly and move silently. She was also granted the rank of Marksman during basic training with both pistols and rifles. Angel's training as an Enclave field operative gives her the silver tongue of a charming Agent.


Background: To be continued...




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                                                                                              [TOP SECRET]

                                                                                                NAME: CHR1S-428

                                                                                              AGE: 230 YEARS

                                                                                              SEX: //////////////////

                                                                                              RACE: ROBOTIC

                                                                                              STRENGTHS: LOGICAL THINKING, HACKING

                                                                                              WEAKNESSES: PERSONALITY MODE PERMANTLY DISABLED

                                                                                              SKILLS: GUNS, SCIENCE

                                                                                              WEAPONS OF CHOICE: LASER PISTOLS/RIFLES/SNIPERS

                                                                                              FIGHTING STYLE: QUICK AND RELIABLE

                                                                                              BACKROUND: LOCKED UP IN A VAULT, RESCUED 200 YEARS LATER

                                                                                              ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

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These are the details of what I consider to be my "headcanon" Dragonborn.

Name: Eilif (which means "immortal" in Old Norse)
Age: 28 (at the start of the game)
Sex: Male
Race: Nord

When it comes to his background, I haven't really fleshed it out in detail yet, but I've sort of made a basic story for him. He had to leave his family's farm in northern Cyrodiil because of trouble with the law. He took action against his brother in law, a lesser noble of Bruma, after he learned that he had abused his sister. After that, it was no longer safe for Eilif to stay on his parents' farm near Bruma, so he decided to head north, to Skyrim, and seek out his uncle from Falkreath. Eilif didn't know much about fighting, having grown up on a farm. He knew how to tend to animals and hunt small game in the nearby forests.

For the most part, Eilif is a good guy trying to do the right things, but he does have a witty and sarcastic side. He is loyal to his friends, pragmatic and kind, and shows wisdom and fortitude in his dealings. He is calm, focused and patient. He wants to help out whenever possible and tries to do right by others.

A lot can be said about Eilif, but that's sort of the introduction I have for him. His personality changes drastically during the course of the game. Finding out he is Dragonborn, becoming a werewolf and all that, makes some serious impressions on him.

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