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FPS Drop

fps lag ini tweaks

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Hi everyone


I know this is a topic that has been exhausted. I know I'm pretty exhausted myself. 

Played and finished Oblivion on 360 years back and picked it back up on Steam holiday sale for the enjoyable yet frustrating experience of modding it. 


After spending 2 weeks of playing with Wrye Bash/TESEdit/OBMM/BOSS, I finally got everything in order correctly. Sure, Oblivion Character Overhaul might sometimes make Dark Elves a tad black as if they're missing textures, but hey, it works! 


However, my main concern is the FPS. I have the game running off Windows 8 Boot Camp on a late 2012 Mac Mini with 2.6ghz Intel Core i7, 16gb RAM & the Intel HD graphics 4000 card. Yes, I am aware that Oblivion runs on a single-core. Yes, I am aware of the issue with having an integrated graphics card. 


I've installed the 4GB patch, Wiseman reduced textures, OSR, and streamline. I also have some Combat FPS boosters running. I've tweaked the .ini file which I've attached. I've also attached my load order, as well as my streamline and OSR config.


With all this, the game starts off pretty smooth. Outdoors is where the FPS gets hit the hardest but somehow I've managed to get it up to about 40-50 FPS. Right now I don't care about high definition glamour. I just want performance. So I'll begin to walk around and the game is handled smoothly. And then somehow for some reason after about 10 minutes of play, the game just drops to about 10-18 FPS and never regains momentum.

So I dug deeper. I installed Razer Game Booster. I installed Core Parking Manager. I installed Throttlestop. I installed Process Lasso. I decided to run the game in windowed mode at lower resolution. Still, no avail. And what makes it worse is the fact that the process monitor shows that my CPU nor RAM is barely even used. So I guess that rules out memory leak. 


This pretty much makes the game unplayable and is pretty frustrating. I haven't even made it past Level 1 because eventually I just give up. I can reload and the game starts fine again but then it drops. 


Right now, I'm debating on building a DIY external GPU just so I can play this game. But before I do that, I'd like to please ask the forums if there is anything else I can do to fix this problem. 


So, do I have any more options outside of buying a new GPU? 


Please let me know. Thanks for your time :)

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