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Star Wars & Diablo - Torchlight 2

star wars torchlight 2 torchlight mod addon diablo

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So I thought it might be cool to have like star wars or diablo version of torchlight 2....


As for star wars, I mean mods so that you play in a star wars environmental (texture replacer for example) with lightsabers, making all the enemies in TL2 into star wars enemies or something similiar and then maybe some cool force powers like force push, etc.


And for diablo mods look look down in this post for more info.



I saw some guy who had made a torchlight 1 video with diablo and star wars mods being used. (at least I think it was torchlight 1)



And then I thought that maybe there are those kind of stuff for torchlight 2 aswell.... (not diablo ones but at least star wars mods)


I'm wondering if anyone knows of any star wars mods for torchlight 2 out there?

Would be great if anyone could provide links if found.



And as for diablo I've already found some great mods which replaces the UI/Interface into diablo style, i'm not sure if there are any more out there though.

I'll also check at the workshops if I can find any more there tho...  :ohdear:


Anyways here are some diablo mods I know of so far:


Evil UI Gritter Edition + Diablo 2 Orbs

Diablo Complete Pack

Diablo 2 Music Mod

Barbarian Custom Class v5

Elemental Blade Dancer v45 (I would also try out Awesome Classes Reborn)

Noddyngineering (not really that much diablo alike but its kinda cool though)

Paladin Custom Class

New Champion Names

Diablo 2 Skill Tree Levels

Thrasher's Armory

Evil UI (not gritter edition, does NOT include diablo 2 orbs)

Dark UI

Meta Mod

DeeZire's Events of PAIN

Diablo 2 UI

Drop and Loot!

Dracos Mod Merger Overhaul

Monster Mod Compilation

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