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Movement animation non-cursor facing for realistic movement?

movement animation walking running facing face cursor stop

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Skyrim's walking/movement  always looks unrealistic to me, it feels like the player is skating or floating over ground. The feet just don't seem to connect to the ground. I have noticed that the movement in saints row 4 is MUCH more 'organic', and feels solid.  This is AFTER trying multiple walking animation mods.


One of the things I have noticed is that the player snaps back to the mouse cursor (faces its direction) after pressing any directional key. It looks fine if you are steering with your mouse but is so very un-immersive to see the player snap back into position, even when walking backwards. It takes away the illusion of control that you have on your character.


There are, for me atleast, many problems which creates this un-immersive feeling like: The legs don't leap enough for the speed the player runs at(the animation mods I have tried didn't seem to address this) , stopping is abrupt - there is no 'cool down to a halt' animation or time and the feet unlike while having one feet on an elevated surface, don't seem to connect to the ground. They always feel disconnected.


Is there any way the position snapping can be removed manually? Or perhaps any mods which address this? I would love for skyrim's movement to be more like saints row 4. Some detailed help about how the animation mechanics work in this game engine would be much appreciated.



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