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PLEASE HELP! Memory drains when installing mods!

memory ssd hdd nexus mod manager installing sevenzip error mods skyrim

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Alright heres the problem:

I am VERY limited on my main HDD, Memory wise. I have a 30gb ssd with my os and other essentials on there. I only have about 1.76gb of free space.

When ever i install a large mod, like immersive armours, that space drains as its installing.

The green install bar moves maybe an inch across the screen before i get a sevenzip error. I was watching my space on the ssd drain as this mod installed, then when it failed, all the space would come back.

Now i know these a temp files that are taking up all the space. My question is: Is there a way to have EVERYTHING that has to do with nexus mod manager stay on one hdd.? I have a 500gb hdd for everything else(Games, programs, etc.) and would like the temp files go there instead of on my limited ssd.

Any help will be grateful.


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