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NVSE won't change game settings

nvse settings help resolution graphics launcher

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Allright guys, this is my first post and I have a problem with New Vegas.


I recently got NMM, and NVSE(_4_2_beta2), and when i started to play the game with NVSE from the NMM, everything was fine.

But I later wanted to change my settings, so I went to the FalloutNVLauncher from the file directory of the game, and changed resolution and graphics.

When I then after changing the settings, launched NVSE from the NMM. the game started in the same resolution, and the settings didnt take effect.

I could though play with the new settings from the normal FalloutNV and the launcher, but not from the NVSE from the NMM.

(I could also play with the changes when launching NVSE from the game directory, but the mods didnt work)


So basically; NVSE wont allow me to change my game settings, it always starts up with the same graphics settings and resolution as the first time i launched NVSE from NMM.

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Sorry for the necro, but I have the same problem.  Launching nvse_loader.exe from MO2 bypasses the usual game start menu and does not give any options to change graphics settings etc. 


I can launch directly with FalloutNVLauncher.exe and get the expected opening menu that includes Options, then successfully change settings.


When I start again through MO2/nvse_loader.exe, the settings are ignored.


Is there a way to get NVSE to accept the changes, or get it to change them? 



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NVSE is a library of functions for the game.  It has nothing to do with graphic settings or any mod manager directly. 


Apparently MO2 has a copy of the INI settings from when it was first setup, and it doesn't check if they have changed.  You need to find out where it saves those settings (in your Profile I believe, but I don't use it myself) and copy the updated ones from your "Users" folder.  Best to check with the MO2 support forum.



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