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Creation Kit and SKSE limitation questions

water shaders environment

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I'm not terribly experienced with Skyrim modding, but I am a fairly experienced programmer (Unity, XNA, OpenGL, and several languages). I'm looking at various projects of mine that I might be able to adapt to Skyrim, and I'm trying to determine the viability of implementing some of them.
One of the major projects that I've been interested in trying was Water Simulation. While there are many layers to what I want to do, the most important part is being able to modify the heights of the vertices in the water plane. Either via creating a new water plane and animating it, or by taking the existing water and animating that. I'll start by just getting wind-waker style water working (where it just moves up and down in a sine wave), if it's even possible.
So the question is this: Is it possible via SKSE or otherwise to access the individual vertices of the water? Can you force the player to be considered underwater? Is it possible to procedurally create meshes via SKSE at all? Could I fake it via animating a plane and controlling the animations through script? Or is this just completely impossible with the current engine tools that we have?

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