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Player raids on villages mod? Owning villages? Ruler?

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Is there any mod that would give some interesting raiding options to player? I just build my Outpost on the hill and down bellow is a village, I just feel the urge to go there and plunder... Like in some more kind of sophisticated way?

Lets say you would come to village, speak to some local authority and told him/her you want money rent from that village or you will attack them. Then the authority would refuse, you would have to kill some local security guys, then you would speak to that authority again and he/she would agree on giving you some kind of rent in a way of money and some goods. So you would get rent from them like every day or few days... After some time they would stop paying you because they would hire some more security or so, and you would have to go there again and like beat the security again and restore your power. Maybe you would kill the authority and let him/her be replaced by someone more willing. That could buy you some time before that village will hire again someone and make problems.

Basically player would not need to kill the local vanilla NPCs (farmers, merchants etc...) and so.. Player would always kill some security or some authority person who would be mod NPC. It would be more like a sophisticated way of raiding or occupying villages then just go there and kill local NPCs and then the game is odd because ether its all around empty or some NPCs cant get killed and also raids from what you steel at homes is mostly just nothing and its labeled as stolen stuff.

This would be more like a mafia kind of style when you raid some village and force them to pay you rent. If they kill you they send you to jail or something and you loose all your current stuff and all villages that payed to you would be free and you would have to restore power there again. 

Or maybe you could even somehow make villages to pay you and obey you in some good way, like you would help them with local bandits and they would pay you some money every now and then for your protection. Or kind of like Vassal-Lord relationship. 

Like just give player the feeling of being some kind of boss or leader of something more then just a bunch of adventurers... Like Tundra defense makes you a leader of an outpost. This would take it further in to the power struggle in Skyrim and you could like have these villages under you ether the good way or bad way. Kind of like you would start to became your own Jarl. You would have more power over Skyrim as lord.. Good lord or bad lord.



I would imagine there would be needed just like one made NPC per village labeled as "local authority". Then there would be some security guards who would just spawn there when you want to attack village, Lets say there would be three types of security, low, medium, high. Low would be easy to defeat and would be used from start, then would village hire harder and harder. Player could just get message that villagers refuse to pay any more rent because they hired new security,

Village would pay player some amount of money that could differ on some basis and maybe some goods such as wood, iron ore, or something useful, no loads of junk. 


The same would go for local bandits if player would want to get village rent in good way then like local authority would tell them to find and kill some local bandits who would spawn near by. They would also spawn in low, medium and high. Low from the start. After you kill bandits they would take over the village after some time again so you have to chase them away again.

Player would get message from village that they are occupied by bandits again and if player wants rent he/she has to come and restore the order.


Later there could be more playing with the politics of villages, like there would be some degree of resistance from villagers side and player would have some options how to deal with it, that way player would by more time before village hires new security or it could boost the income from village. On other hand high resistance would lower the income and it would bring new security sooner....

Options to lower resistance:

  • Kill current authority and replace it with someone more willing
  • Bribe local authority by giving them share from rent (collaboration)
  • Lowering your demands on rent
  • Acting quickly when the village is attacked by bandits (if player choose to help village not plunder it)

Options that makes resistance higher:

  • Leaving the same authority for too long
  • Pushing on villagers to give higher rent
  • Not responding quickly on bandit attacks (if player choose to help village not plunder it) 


All options would be managed just through the "local authority" NPC through dialogue.


Villages could also tell the local Jarls and they would send they troops on your sometimes.. Like they would just jump on you on the way somewhere randomly. As it works with assassins and hired guns who always get on your case in Skyrim.

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