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No more lockpinking, I'm not always a lockmith

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Alright, before anybody throw pebbles at me....

I've thinking of this for sometime now, a alternative play style for those who don't always play as a master lock or whatever. It is becoming the same old recipe: Or you lock pick or hack terminal...


 I mean some locked doors can't have a keyhole. Like a "bunker"  heavy door, would that be feasible to a hairpin? Anyways, I'll make my point quick before I get boring (if not already am).

So here's the deal:
Disabling the lock pick options where applicable, but adding the key on the place... like so, adding a "hidden quest" for the key to spawn when you try to open a door. Or a password reminder in some desk for a terminal in this case. 


So For example:

I enter a building and go to a door that happens to be locked, so now should trigger a key to spawn depending on the former skill required to open, and/or my chances of finding the key based on the player 'lockpick' skill.  Let's say that is a easy door, its key should be very near, if it is a hard or very hard it should be far. Maybe adding some description like hints from where the key should be from... like "this key has a keyring of the robco..." same with key cards.


My intention is to add an element of immersion to the game... Also as an alternative is to simply make simple wood door unlocked by shooting at the lock, stronger the door the more firepower would be required. Well that's would be cool for people that are bored for having to lvling up lockpick.


I'm aware that project Nevada have a explode lock option. So there is a hope maybe?


Also I would like to add that luck could be considered like: High luck, could make you find the key under the front carpet...


So I think I made my thoughts clear and hopefully other people find interesting too. Thanks!



PS. If someone happens to know how to plan this things, but are not willing, and it is not very hard, I could use direction on how to do it myself, but I never modded before.... so yeah.

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