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Postbox / Bounty giving Housecarls - receive regional Bounty Letters automatically.

radial quests convenience immersion

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Make houses more useful for preparing for and enabling adventuring around Skyrim, with this feature you would no longer have to talk to Inn Keepers or fellow Guild Members to receive radiant quests and bounty letters.

Or, a mod that changes house carls to let you know about any local bounties - what else do they do when she isn't sweeping the house or eating?

Squires of Skyrim on the Steam Workshop has a bounty checking feature where the Squires check for bounties when you enter a region.

As does Maya Erathal in Lots More Followers Mod on the Nexus. It would be great if this functionality could be implemented in either a Postbox or a Housecarl / Spouse dialogue option.

Thanks for reading.

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