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Heavy Armor slows you down in water or when wet?

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Heavy Armor is great - but could you really swim in it?


I thought it would add to the immersion if Heavy armor made it impossible or at least MUCH harder for you to swim, and significantly slowed you down when wet.  


This would make some of the swamp areas and coastal areas more difficult for heavy armor characters.  Same with some dungeons like Ilinalta's Deep.

Maybe a similar, but lesser, effect for light armors??


In DragonBorn DLC - the Telvani wizard experiments on you and gives you a +25 health boost, that turns into a -25 health if you get wet by swimming or in the rain.


Could that be tweaked?  OR could a new mod be created so that water soaked armor made life tougher?


It could slow your movement, and maybe have an effect on Stamina.


This could be cool, because then you'd need to plan out you gear based on the mission/quest, instead of having a "One size fits all" armor, that is loaded with perks.










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I found a couple mods that address the swimming, but not the wet armor movement penalty.


Mods that affect swimming:

Better Swimming by Nitor




Skinny Dipping by Qeezer



These are both good.  But Better Swimming only has an impact on your swimming speed while you are in the water.  and I'd like to see an impact to stamina while swimming, and then a residual impact to Stamina while the armor "dries off".


Skinny dipping - is cool, but your choices are to immediately remove the armor when you hit the water, OR you can select to keep it on.  It would be nice to have an option to delay the "auto armor removal" so that if you are just passing through a stream, that is only deep in one part, you don't have to re-equip your armor.


I want to merge these two mods, and then add to it somehow.




Is anyone out there playing with either of these?



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