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Flat damage reduction - new armor system.

armor damage reduction flat

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Hi, i been looking around for an armor system mod that changes it into a flat value system as part of my quest for immersive and realistic skyrim

Is it possibile? or is the current armor system hard coded and cannot be walked around.


If it is possibile then i think it will be something that add a lot of sense and a great deal of ballance, making those critical hits and power attacks and heavy weapons a lot more important when dealing with armored foes. 


Right now if you scratch your enemy ten times with a wooden stick it will mean the same as one heavy blow from a good two handed deadric sword. 


The platemail of the medieval ages was a game changer for a short period because it made some knights nearly sword and arrows proof. (until heaveir arms were invented) a critical hit with a dagger is equal to hitting between the joints of the armor and therefor able to cause damage.



I am also interested in knowing if there is a mod out there which reballance enemies health, to more realistic levels.


Thanks from upfront. 


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