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Fitting custom armor to a custom body mutant style...

mutant custom body armor mod cheese

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In the past iv created armor mash ups and the sorts using nifskopes for both skyrim and NV without too much hassle but this is giving me quite a headach,been spending the past 4 days trying to figure out a way using nifskope only to fit the enclave power armor(or any power armor for that matter) to the SmileyTops playable super mutant race body,using creature ressources from the spinebreaker mutant ressource files there was an armor nearly perfect to fit the body and i was sure it was gonna work but turns out it failed miserably.
The creature bones are not compatible to work with a base player skeleton bones,at least i think thats the issue,when i copy to branch the entire armor along with its bones...the armor "shrinks" in weird ways trying to adjust itself to the new body but frankly it just looks plain stupid.I tought of trying to scale the vertices to make it...work but that too isnt working too well.

Basicaly what im asking is am i overcomplicating things?Im trying to stay away from blender had epic issues trying to get nifscripts to work with it and decided to just give up on that whole ordeal and stick to something im familiar with for the time being.It feels to me i might be missing something obvious and any help to figure out what im doing wrong would be greatly appreciated <3.

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