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You Will Be Starring In A Mw Mod About Our Rp

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Your Secronic Faction is a very good idea ..... why don't you make them the sole keepers of the library mansion? They will be the keepers of the old tales or something like that. The player will have to get on their good side & perform their quests in order to get into the library & read the books & get his/her hands on Peregrine's prize sword. I like the sounds of that... :happy:

Make them a birthsign too if you haven't already & if the player should happen to choose it during char/gen then it will be easier for him to infiltrate them. You can use Baraka's Necromancer brithsign if you want which is called Dark of the Moon & is a Total Eclipse on a pure Black Background. My husband Cain made it up. :rolleyes:




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not that anyone will be reading this but thought I would update this with a few ideas

after learning some scripting, I have the idea now that with the Secronic faction, we can stop armour and weapons being looted off the Secronic guards which means in order to gain bloodarmour and bloodweapons they must venture through the Secronic faction quests which will be full of riddles and such...of course finding the Secronic HQ will be a problem first

next would be to transfer (if possible) elements from Oblivion to Morrowind such as the ability to allow Mannequins to wield weapons (if it hasn't already been done)

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