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The Master Of Zooz

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OOC> Group A comprises t'skar, Evaeril, Karkarinus, Mr Anderson, MordredK, Baba-John, Arturius and gnaag

Drawn by proclamations of the need for adventurers to help save Bashkher you assemble as requested in the audience chamber of Bharat Desani. It is a large room capable of seeting fifty or sixty and he seems disappointed to see you are so few in number.

Bharat is tall for a Bashkheri. He wears a beige robe with the hem embroidered with colourful geometrical designs. He also has an unusual conical hat with coloured ribbons hanging from it. All in all he looks slightly comical but the expression on his face and in his eyes make it quite clear that he is a man used to wielding power.

He looks you over carefully registering every detail.

"So. Our problem. People are turning to stone. For the present 'people' means those over eighty years old who happen to live in the centre of the swamps of Ooo, namely witches. But not so very long ago it was those over 85 and in just one house. Where will it end? Will we all be petrified?"

He sits back in his chair watching the effect of his words on all of you.

"We have learned that these problems are caused by an alien magic influencing every part of our world in one way or another. The magic comes from another world, Kellimond, of which we know nothing."

There is another pause. It is as if he hopes you might know of Kellimond but the word is new to you.

"When the magic first struck Zorlon an apparently innocent object was translocated from each nation to a location known as the Castle of Storms in Levdia. Experience has shown that if the object can be replaced in the correct location the alien magic can no longer reach that nation. It will not reverse the effects - that is another problem we must deal with in time - but it will prevent it escalating. Your task is to replace the object taken from Bashkher."

He places on the desk in front of you a small silvery piece of metal. "This is the tip of a sword. It may surprise you to think of swords in association with Bashkher. Once they were rather more common than they are today and you will find many in museums or used as wall decorations in public buildings and private houses. If you had to track down every sword in the Bashkher you could be here for years. However, I do not think you will need to do that."

Now he takes out of his desk a sleek silver sword witha decorated blade and an elaborate handle.

"Several hundred years ago in the city of Zooz there lived master swordsmith. His swords were highly prized then for their efficacy and are now, as collectors' items. For one order however he excelled himself. Those swords seemed to have an innate ability to be in the hand of the swordsman when they were needed before the one wielding the sword even knew they needed it. They were incredible."

He holds up the sword. "This is one. One of five known to exist today. All are in museums."

He pulls out a small parchment with notes.

"I have written the locations for you. One is in Memtuz, two in Dohoti and one in Ippikander. Naturally I have checked up and none of those swords is missing a tip. You may nevertheless need to visit them for reasons I shall explain in a minute."

He pushes the parchment to the side of his desk.

"A glance at the swords and you would imagine that they were identical but of course objects of such rarity became the subject of study and research and some while ago a difference was discovered. All but hidden in the decoration on the hilt of the sword is a number. The number on this one is 2 but there is more to it. It is not simply '2' but '2 for 9'. There has been considerable discussion on the meaning of the number. Currently the popular theory is the master was all but illiterate and he meant to put '2 of 9' as he filled the order. Be that as it may, it does imply that there should be 9 swords. If our reasoning about the missing tip is accurate there is certainly at least one more than the five known. We need you to find that sword."

Bharat rubs his chin. "Nothing much to go on, I can see you saying to yourselves. That is certainly true. This sword came from The City Museum here. In the Archives next to it are several books by experts on the master of Zooz. Similar papers and articles are to be found wherever a sword is known to exist. There may be clues in these papers. This is why I believe you will have to visit all the swords. Some of these experts may still be alive and worth talking to directly. And of course there is the place in which the master flourished, Zooz. That too may have something to tell you. And, somewhat against my better judgement I am going to give you this sword to take on the journey with you. Keep it hidden. Collectors would kill for it."

He stands. "Now I believe most of you are strangers to each other and cannot have any idea of what you as a party can and cannot do. I have booked lodgings for you in the Pearl of Bashkher for two nights. Tonight you should establish if there is anything your party needs. I will arrange for that to be funded if you present me with a list tomorrow. While these items are being obtained you should see if any of the information in Papred's Archive is of use. By tomorrow night you should have decided where first to try."

Without waiting for questions he sweeps you out of the room and across the street into the Pearl of Bashkher.

"You each have your own room. The lodging is the best in Bashkher and absolutely secure. Leave what you do not need in the rooms and assemble in the bar of the tavern as soon as you can. I will leave the sword with the barman. The sword tip I will keep in case by chance someone else discovers where it should be placed before you do."

Bharat bows and leaves you.

OOC> Pick up from introductions in the bar, appoint the decision notifier, and make the two lists I requested. When that is done the decision notifier should tell me you are ready to move on.




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Iím Baba Bethram, Bashkerian Shaman /Marksman and this [email protected]#%$&$@*# he growls, just call him wolf for short.
After sitting for a while, sucking on his pipe and blowing acrid smoke rings into the air, Baba opens his eyes and looks at the individuals sitting around him. They are quite a bit younger than he is, but thatís no problem, he thinks to himself. What they have in energy, I have in experience and tenacity.

After what seemed like an age he started talking, as much to himself, as to his audience. Some of you might have heard of me, some not. My suggestion is that you believe the worst of what youíve heard and then add some. Iím not one to dwell on the past, so please feel free to keep any questions you have about me to yourself. I will tell you what you need to know about me when you need to know. Iím too old to have to worry about my reputation and too young to start writing my autobiography. For now letís just accept that Iíve been around a while.

Donít just sit there, introduce yourselves. Weíre all here for a reason so I say, let the game begin.

Character Sheet

Name-Baba Bethram
From-Lampur- Bashkher
Age- 48
Occupation-Shaman/ Marksman

GMT+2 Evenings 19H00-21H30

Chant Ė Heals comrades in 10 yard radius
Turnip sleep Ė Puts target to sleep
Affinity with Animals (Presently Snow Wolf)
Herbalist and Blacksmithing.

Cloak with hood (White stag skin)
Shirt Leather (homemade)
Pants Leather (homemade)
Codpiece Leather (homemade)
Bracers leather (homemade)
Boots Leather (homemade)
Unobtainium chain mail vest

Possessions on Person
Staff of Grounding (Ebony Quarterstaff 6í with an Obsidian Crystal ball 2Ēon top) Nullifies magic in radius 10 yards when stamped on ground)
Ramís Stag horn war bow & Quiver 30 arrows
Small Vial Curare Poison -10 arrows
Steel Dagger 6í
3Ē Golden Sickle
Long Smoking Pipe & Tobacco for 3 weeks
Tinder box
10 Gold pieces

Possessions in Pack (Haversack)
Bedroll & Pillow
6íx6í waxed tarpaulin (doubles as raincoat)
30 yards strong rope
Fletching kit to make 100 arrows
2 Vials of Curare Poison - 100 arrows
Food Rations
Insect repellent
Assorted Local Herbs

Needs - Fine Yew bow + 20 Arrows, Pair of size 4 leather sneakers. ;)

Anyone know where the Papred Archive is?




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Sitting with the other 7 she had seen in the council chamber, T'skar looks around at them, sizing each one up. When Baba Bethram speaks, she turns to look at him. Interesting, she thinks.

She speaks up, "My name is T'skar. I really have no idea what's going on here. I came to this city this morning and approached the gaurd at the city gate for some information, like where am I, and what is this city. He took one look at me before I could ask anything and said, 'We've been expecting you.' With that he showed me to a coach, which brought me to Bharat Desani and the rest of you. When I asked what was going on, I was told all would be explained in due time. Now I have heard of a sword tip, magic from another world, people turned to stone, and a quest. I am no adventurer. I have lived in the city my whole life, and know the ways of the city. I have tried as much as possible to stay out of other peoples' business, except where the reward was worth the risk, but this plea for help appeals to me."

Looking at her, the casual observer would see a small man or medium sized woman wearing non-descript tan clothing. The hair is close-cropped, and red. The thin face is well tanned, as are the hands and arms. The voice is husky, giving the impression of a heavy smoker, yet not quite, almost as if it is being cast arficially low. The green eyes dart around the room, appearing to take in everything, and yet not focusing long on anything.

Character Sheet

Name: T'skar
Nationality: Tagfieran Wanderer/Wizard
Age: 23
Class: Thief/Mind Mage
Special Abilites: Conceal and reveal, Mind Mage magic


Weapons: Silver Dagger worn in a special sheath between her shoulder blades, normal Iron Dagger worn at left side.

Armour: None

Potions: Three restore magic potions (restore 20 units each) (if allowed).

Other: Bed roll, rations for five days, two water skins, 50' silk rope, grapel hook, crampons, thieves tools (picks and probes, master level equivalent)(carried in a special pocket inside her top), backpack, flint & steel, tinder, green cloak with red trim (reversable - underside is dull tan), set of dull tan clothes, extra shirt and breeches, soft tan high boots, scarf to wrap around head (also dull tan), belt with 3 pouches attached. 8 pieces of money, Tagfieran - so I'm not sure of conversion factor.

on topic>
"It sounded like someone would guide us to the archives."



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Kalmer sits expressionless and apparently oblivious of his suroundings, as is his wont. Not that he is loath to express his feelings, it's just that his life as a hunter/tracker on the Tagfierian plains has endowed him with an uncanny ability to go unnoticed and yet notice everything. A strangley intangible fire burns within his eyes as he sits up slightly and speaks:

"I am Kalmer Neowen of Neomers's March. I know not how I came here but I now know why." His voice is solemn but clear, with an eloquence not in keeping with his aspect. "If this evil is not irradicated it shall extend to our homes. I offer my allegance and my skills to the service of this land that we may all one day return to ours in peace."

Not one to go on about things - least of all himself - he leaves it at that, sinks very slightly back into his seat, and adopts that earily inconspicuous look so typical of the Tagfierian Plainsmen.

NAME: Kalmer Naowen
RACE: Tagfier
CLASS: Hunter/Tracker
AGE: 32
SKILLS: Marksman, dagger, hand-to-hand, acute senses of sight, hearing and smell,

Conceal/Reveal spells (including on Self,) excellent climber.
DESCRIPTION: 5' 11 " (1m 83cm), athletic build, rugged complexion, fair/blond hair with grey eyes
CLOTHING: Khaki-ish camouflage-like clothing over light leather armour, no helm, leather boots,
leather bracers

ITEMS: Huntsman's Bow, 200 arrows (normal and poisoned), huntsman's knife, travelsack with 10m of rope,

rations of food, herbs for healing, poison sleeping and reviving, swabs and bandages, and a trapper's net which also doubles as a camouflaged "sniper's shroud".

Utility belt with fishing hooks, 30m of catgut line for fishing and/or garrotting, several small stones,

a multi-use animal sound whistle and some highly flexible cane-like sticks. I his bracers he has

several throwing darts and blades.

NEEDS TO BUY: Rations for Kyah, his trusty steed, and a cloak to conceal his bow and belt.

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Mandrake looked at the others he thought of the books he read.""so this is a small group of adventurers on the evening before embarking on an epic quest."" He had always favored legends and tales of heroes but Mandrake had always discarded them as fiction. Mandrakes first reason for going with this was that his master and friend Tiax was going and that if he stayed he would be homeless again. Mandrake stood up and walked to the speaker Bahrat. "can I take a look at the sword tipp I think it would come in handy if we got a scetch. although I think I will make that tomorrow" Mandrake said on secend thought.

name Mandrake Kaides
Race Tagfieran wanderer
Age 19
Class Chartographer
sex male

staff 2.5 meter
black clothes(pants shirt belt shoes gloves)
2 cloaks (one black cotten with cap the other on one side red silk with silver trim and on the other side brown leather)
25 yards of black silk rope
a blank book
a writing set containing 4 quils and 2 pots of black ink
a small stone made of emareld and ruby(his source of insperation)

the cloaks have little holes and you can combine one with the rope to make a sack.

more coleurs of ink
a small knife
a guitar(with six steel strings) with a proective sheet
a book on how to learn to play guitar
a look into some maps so he can scetch them
Mandrake tears a blanke page out of his book and starts to write a list of his belongings and of anyone elses if they tell him what to write

/ooc just tell me what to write and I'll do it, I've made a small adaption to my char to make him more a writer who fightes with a staff then a thief to compremise the number of thieves




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At the barseet Tiax turns towards the group, leaving his water for what it is for now.

"With the exeption of one" Tiax starts while looking at Mandrake. "I know none of you, nor your motivation on this quest. I am most interrested in your stories. In return I will give mine.."

He looks around inspecting, one by one, everyone.

"I am Tiax Anderson and I'm..... a.." A mage he finally determins. "A manipulator of time, I am here to solve this alian magic and to rid this land of the horror it brings. I..."

He turns towards the bar again. Drinking his water and ordering another.
..While waiting for his drink he writes something down..

*List what I should buy*

- Rations for another 11 days
- Alchamy equipment to make any potions (if herbs are present)
- Maps of suroundings (perhaps that mandrake would make some more, or should I buy them...)

*End of list*



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OOC> Sael has gone on holiday but posted in the sign up thread so his info can be taken from there.




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Gnaag looked throughiut the entire group. Nice company, he thought. Surely they are good fighters, but no one could beat him. He was sure about it. He killed up to five rats during the way in the city. Yes he killed some also before. But they weren't counted in, he killed them 'before'. Now is now, he doesn't want to think about 'before' anymore.

He didn't wanted to be seen. He expected them to underestimate him because of his age and height.

Character Sheet

Personal info
  • Name- Gnaag
  • From- Tokonage
  • "Race"- Niyobian
  • Age- 14
  • Class- Fighter
  • Sex- Male
  • marksman
  • washing up
  • hiding
  • riding - almost on anything
  • dark green cloak over shoulders - low quality
  • leather armor, boots and helmet
  • Poor wooden bow, a few of arrows
  • Short sword
  • Little pouch of money
  • a book "How to become a succesful paladin" written in some strange language
  • extremely short youngster
  • no experience written upon his childish face
  • can't express his thoughts very well
  • can be extremely easyli hurt by any magic
  • dislike magicians
Need to buy
  • more arrows
  • something to drink, he will probably ask for some kind of alcohol
  • new shoes




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Character Sheet for Sael

Name - Sael
Nationality - Dayone
Age Ė 32
Class Ė Earth Wizard ;)
Special Abilities - true speak/detect lie, healing and restoration type magic


On Person Ė Ring of healing, 30ft Silk Rope (in belt bag), Tinder box, dagger, Cloak, Wooden wizards staff.

In Haversack - Rations, Blanket, Bedroll,

I donít remember getting here, as I was in a drunken stupor.

Needs - Any spell ingredients required. Insect repellent, Soap (Pears)

Ok, Mandrake do the list, so we can get going.




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Map of Papred

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