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Weapon Mod Won't Load in my Game! Help IS needed!

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Hi guys I'm a little bit new too the modding side of New Vegas or any sort of game. But through the mods I have installed most of them have worked and are great pieces to the game! Just that I can't seem to get this "WEAPON MOD" To work, it says it has succesfuly installed the mod in the Nexus Mod Manager, but when I go and check in the game for where it should spawn it is no-where to be seen at all...!  The mod I is trying to get to work is The M14 by Milenia.

My current mods which I have installed are these 

Authentic Burned Man - Better Burned Man Models and Textures 10/04/2014 02:07:33   1.0 1.0 Rocket M-14 - M14_v1 Weapons 10/05/2014 13:09:55   1.0 1.0 Millenia - An Aggressive Napkin - Naky Nevada Skies - Weather Effects - Nevada Skies Gameplay Effects and Changes 10/04/2014 01:51:33   1.4.1 1.4.1 Yossarian Sprint Mod - Sprint Mod FNV v1-4 Gameplay Effects and Changes 10/04/2014 21:46:01   1.4 1.4 Lork The Mod Configuration Menu - The Mod Configuration Menu User Interafaces 10/04/2014 02:04:20   1.5 1.5 Pelinor Wasteland Flora Overhaul - Wasteland Flora Overhaul v2dot8a - Fertile Version Models and Textures 10/04/2014 02:01:17   2.8a 2.8a vurt Weapon Retexture Project - WRP - weapon_retexture_project_1dot95 Weapons 10/04/2014 02:49:28   1.95 1.95 Millenia


Please if anyone could help that would be so good and I would be so greatful!! 



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