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Long Dreads + Headdress from Apachii Skyhair?

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So, I've been lusting after a long dread hairstyle for females ever since seeing the custom hair that the creator of "Claymora, the Orsimer Princess" made. I'll be attaching some pics below of what I'm asking for, wondering if anyone is able to do this or something similar...


I adore the headdress from Apachii Skyhair-- http://i1.minus.com/ibfSW7CqeZr0nG.jpg <<< #'s 28-30 are the headdress pictures.


... However, the hairstyle is really short. Accompanied by longer dreads makes a world of difference in making this hairstyle truly beautiful, as pictured below:




Another picture of a long dread hairstyle I like...: http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/26689/?


All those images should provide a very clear idea of what I have in mind. If anyone is able, please please pleeeease let me know if you are. I would absolutely love having a hairstyle with that headdress combined with longer dreads.


As for the feather colors on the headdress... I'm not sure if it's possible, but recolorable feathers with the hair color might be nice, or just an assortment of possible colors, perhaps. :) I've recently begun tinkering with recoloring certain mods, so maybe if the file is simple enough to edit, I could recolor the feathers myself...


Regardless, I hope someone can accommodate my request. If you can, thank you so very much! :D

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