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Optimising Oblivion

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Thanks, this guide is really helpful to me as a 1st time player of Oblivion.



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Hello. I would like to share what I've found so far with oblivion optimization in my case.

- The main thing is to make your video card drivers up to date. That really helps, to shut down most of the stuttering.
- Another good idea is to clean your start up, from the unnecessary programs, such as adobe updater's/reader and so on. It will save up a little bit memory of your machine.
- Go to that place where your oblivion.exe is located, and if you are running under windows Vista/7 chose properties-> compatibility tab, and make sure to check "Disable desktop composition" this will change your color scheme to default while you are running oblivion.

if you're running some Environmental mods such as "All Natural" etc... Make sure to turn them off on your mod manager or waye bash (Why? Because this is one of the most computer/video card memory using modifications, especially if your computer is on low resources)

Better cities
Video card memory killers. I suggest you to run this mod only in that case if you are using a strong, duel layer video card, at least 1GB of video memory. Of course you are able to run in whether your machine is, but it will decrease down to 10-15 fps when in cities for sure,

The fps can't decrease because some modifications are incompatible with each other. I've tested it on my own computer. Found some incompatibilities then tested it together and the final result was a crash, Not the FPS drop

the point about shutting down background process' is handled by various game booster utilities like 'Game Booster' but theres others
Fwiw disabling desktop compostition (the aero transparency) only saves 30-40MB of vram which isnt much on most cards today with 1+GB, neverless ive got a 750MB laptop card and prefer having that reduction, but found you can get the same benefit from windows 7 basic instead of windows classic
I didnt realize environment mods were such a burden on resources, will look into it. Are they more cpu or gpu intensive, guessing its cpu with more use of scripts,
and not sure what 'dual layer card' means, Ive had no real issues playing Better Cities other than the terrible Waterfront crashing, worst mod component ever and doesnt even make that much difference visually

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Over the past couple of weeks I have managed to get Oblivion running so stably on my ageing system that crashes have become a thing of the past and happen only on very rare occasions. I have reached the point where I am very comfortable using Bash, Boss, Enchanted Editor, OBMM etc. but I was still crashing roughly on the hour. Given that previous to learning how to use these tools, crashes occurred approximately every 20 minutes, I felt I had made good progress, but I still wanted to see if I could achieve a more or less crash-free state. Of course, dealing with something like this is a bit like going to the doctor with something like an itchy skin ailment; it's very difficult to accurately diagnose and what works for one person might not work for the next, so obviously bear that caveat in mind. To note, I have 96 mods installed (105 if you count those that have been merged into my Bash Patch), amongst them heavy hitters such as All Natural (the full meal deal), AWLS, All Unique Landscapes, and OOO.

My system Specs


Win 7 Home Premium

32 bit

Intel Core Duo E6850 @ 3.0 GHz


GE Force GTX 550 TI


So here is what I have done; much of this I literally stumbled across by fluke. Some, I feel shouldn't make a difference, but on my system it definitely does.

*The first fluke - I was sick and tired of that annoying "Windows is Checking for a Solution" message every time the game crashed, so I disabled it; I found that my CTDs reduced substantially. I have no idea why this would help, but, for me, it does. You can find out how to disable that stupid thing here: http://www.techspot....angs-up.193376/

*More Messing around, resulted in my turning off the messages informing me that my AV and Anti-Malware were turned off. I *know* this; in order to conserve RAM I always turn them off when gaming. (Go to the little flag icon in the left-hand corner and click on Action Centre) Again, I observed a significant performance increase and fewer CTDs. I have to wonder if that popup message was interfering with the game somehow.

*Fluke Two - I was looking around trying to find ways to stop my Firefox from freezing and came across the suggestion to go into my Global Nvidia settings and switch to: Prefer Maximum Performance (Power Management Mode Setting), and Single Display Performance Mode (Multi - Display, Mixed GPU Acceleration --> Clearly, don't do this if you don't have the setup to match). Those two changes resulted in a massive boost to performance.

*Finally - on the advice of a techie friend, I went into my Power Options (just type it into the start search bar), and changed my settings from Balanced to High Performance.



After these changes I actually need to check the time when I play because the game will no longer boot me.... :D

Again, there are no guarantees these tweaks will work for everybody, but I figured I'd share, because maybe they will work for some. :smile:


In case anyone is interested for reference, I'm including my full list of mods/load order

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Good job Sonja. Thanks for the tips.


For another possibly major improvement in Oblivion performance, go into Nvidia's control panel/"Manage 3D settings" and change the "Maximum pre-rendered frames" from its default of 3 to 2, or (even better) 1. It will slightly impact overall frame rates, but you'll notice it makes keyboard/mouse movements in Oblivion instantly responsive.  Assuming of course you aren't trying to game on a wireless kb or mouse with an inherent lag. You can even set it to 0, but I think most people can't handle *that* much responsiveness. :smile:


Also keep your video drivers (and antivirus software etc) up to date. Oblivion doesn't get along well with multitasking or popup messages from other programs.

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Hello everybody!


I've been playing Skyrim for quite a while. I changed from Xbox to PC so that I can use all those millions of wonderful mods. I 'finished' Skyrim for the third time now, incl all DLC and Falskaar. It only feels natural now to try Oblivion. My questions now are:

What mods can you recommend for Oblivion to make it look and feel a little better? More 2012 than 2006... Like HD-packs? overhauls? For Skyrim I use and am a big fan of

-all official and uofficial patches

-T3nd0s SkyRe

-Beauty of Skyrim

-TES5Edit as well as several models, immersive packs, races etc.

I'm not using any ENBs because of my limited power: intel i7, 2.2 GHz, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6750M

Is it possible to use the NMM at the same time for Skyrim AND Oblivion? What do I have to take care of or watch? what do I have to know and keep in mind?


Hope somebody will find and take the time to help with a few tips!


Thanks in advance





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My standard answer for the improved graphics portion (it does get asked a lot) ... Noob up and running. The latest and greatest for NPCs and player characters is Oblivion Character Overhaul version 2. Note that it requires careful reading of install instructions, readmes and mod comments, is incompatible with almost all previous "beautification" mods (without careful use of a bashed patch and/or editing in the Construction Set) and is very particular about having it's mod requirements met.


Yes you can use Nexus Mod Manager with Oblivion, but be prepared for many mods that will not install using it. I don't use NMM myself (never even laid eyes on it) but if it has a way to still see and activate mods that haven't been installed using it you could use it as a replacement for the vanilla game Data Files I suppose. The most universally supported manager for Oblivion is Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM). Couldn't compare it to NMM myself (no experience with NMM) but it's fairly simple to learn (use the Help topic in the menu) and will work with all but a few Oblivion mods (you will run into some that require Wrye Bash's BAIN installer ... many BAIN mods will also come with support for OBMM's OMOD format). Then there are the ones that require manual installation (Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) and Blockhead are two that spring immediately to mind). If you read through enough mod comments you'll get a feel for what I'm talking about (e.g. look at body replacers like HGEC and you won't need to scan very far through the comments to find the "why won't this work with NMM" type comments).




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Thank you a lot and sorry for my late reply Striker. i spent some time getting OBSE running for a start and I'm definetely gonna  try a lot from the links to posted above!






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Finally Achieved Stability

I figure I should note for posterity the advancements I've made in getting my heavily modded Oblivion installation to work well.

THE MODS: I use over 200 mods and patches to make my game as large, deep, and detailed as possible. I'm not going to list them all, but I'll mention ones that tend to adversely affect game stability.
- World Mods: Morroblivion, Silgrad Tower, Elsweyr Anequina, TWMP Hammerfell, TWMP Valenwood Improved. My game world is humongous, and soon I'll hopefully add TWMP Skyrim Improved.
- Mods Within Tamriel: Better Cities, all of the Unique Landscapes, a dozen or so villages, a bunch of Dwemer ruins & Ayleid ruins & dungeons, plus big quests like Lost Spires, and Crowded Roads and Tamriel Travellers. BC is the big performance hog here, but it all adds up when you tack on...
- Visual Mods: Qarl's Textures, Detailed Terrain, All Natural, and RAEVWD. I hate stuff popping into existence, so trees/grass/items/etc. are set to max distance, water reflections are on, plus Vsync and 8xAA. Resolution is a reasonable 900p.

Put that all together and it can cripple a decent computer. Mine is a 2012 laptop with a Core i7, 8 GB of RAM, and an nVidia GT 650m with 1 GB of VRAM. Running Win7 Home Premium 64-bit. In early 2015, it strikes me as solidly middle-of-the-road, spec-wise and playing lid-closed with a monitor it is fairly thermally constrained. Here's what I've done:

1) Strip out as many running Windows process as you can. Turn off AV, automatic notifications, stuff like that. It's just annoying anyway.

2) Followed Tomlong's installation advice over Tescosi/Tesposi. Turns out that install order matters almost as much as load order for Oblivion mods.

3) As long as you're 64-bit, hit everything with the 4GB patcher. Specifically Oblivion.exe, TES4LodGen, and TES4LL. (Okay really just those three.)

4) Forget NMM. Take 20 minutes to familiarize yourself with OBMM and Wrye Bash. DO NOT choose a favorite - use both. I mostly install via Wrye, but some mods work better as OMODs (DarnUI, Realistic Fatigue, Dynamic Map, a few others). At the proper points in the install process, just close out Weye, hop over to OBMM, install the OMOD. Then go back to Wrye. At the very end, fix your load order with BOSS, build your Bashed Patch in Wrye, run all three TES4LL scripts, and run TES4LodGen.

5) Mods I've found to be useless: forget WEOCPS, it didn't do anything for me. Also Streamline. Even properly configured, even using *only* the Streamsight feature, it didn't really help.

6) Mods that ARE helpful:
- Oblivion Stutter Remover. Conservatively configured.
- Purge Cell Buffers. I set it to every cell change, because aggressive purging helps my poor overworked video card.
- ENBoost. I dunno how it does what it does (seems to help my video card when new cells with gobs of meshes and textures pop into existence) but it seems to do it well.
- MoreHeap. Ditto.

The final change was dropping WEOCPS and Streamline and adding ENBoost and MoreHeap. I'm not sure which of those last two is more effective. But with both of them added, I went from random crashes in the countryside every 90 seconds (the west coast around Anvil and to the north of it, is just vicious with all these mods) to a single solitary crash in the last 20 hours of play.

Unfortunately, the presence of ENBoost means o can't use Oblivion Reloaded, OBGE, or the various ENB presets. But for this kind of rock-solid stability, it's totally worth it.

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want to share...


after juggling arround like crazy set piece by piece arranging my oblivion using 200+ mods,

for me this is what I think is working...

- QTP3R Reduced Mx : mini version of great texture replacement of Qarls

- use Wrye Bash, OBMM, and MO : this manager have own great feature itself

- Oblivion Polygon Overhaul : I think this increase my fps a bit by 2-3 and not noticing any big difference in my eye

- download all DLC and Unofficial DLC : this fix any bug in official makes oblivion more stable

- don't use OBGE, it kills fps really. I want water from OBGE so for alternatif using Improved water, it cames with Depth of Field great!

- and I'am not using ENB (last time used Cyberdyne 1.0 is decent)

- configure VGA properly, mine use Nvdia GT 750M in laptop

- OSR : using heap setting on so I don't use More Heap mod, fps min limit to 10 & max to 0 unlimited

- weOCPS : prove great I think for notif users in ding sound means you're gonna crash and save game please, even though many people said this mod is bad

- Streamline 3.1 : I'am using this for save manager. modify it a little with TES4Edit to replace F5 F9, so I can fast load save with guarantee. I disable key F5 and F9 by setting oblivoin.ini

- lastest OBSE ver 21 : this is the best ever mother of all great mod

- Jhaeriks Dungeon Fog Remover : this helps me reduce sttuter in interior

- Wisemans Reduced Textures : this is optimized texture pack I think it helps? dunno, but I include it for better fps in mind. there is a doubt about this, but I'am positive this mod helps

- No Refraction Spells : it says magic that cause CTD will reduced, dunno so far I don't have that issue. Just for safe keeping

- Landscape LOD Textures by Xerus : replace LOD to the better one and more dense tree

- Detailed Terrain mod : this is optimized texture pack I think it helps me get better fps in 2-3

- Ayleid Ruins Replacer for NBB2 : I love this one, it makes me motivated. the walls and everything is like milk texture :3  oh..... BTW, this texture pack is gonna make you CTD if you not delete file named 'arvarlastone01.nif' I have tested this again and again this is a case of missing texture meshes something like that. so .... delete it and you Good to go

- Imperial City Reloaded v2 : another texture pack that I love, this makes IC more clean and majestic

- Grass Overhaul 5.1 : use this only with Wrye bash, so this mod remain Deactive but gain benefit of better grass texture and mesh. If you insist activate this grass esp, your choice.... your fps will be blown a little if this mod active

- tweak oblvion.ini use reference http://www.tweakguid...Oblivion_1.html


OK, now for the list mod that not compatible with me (with description)

- not using OBGE, I admit this is a great mod. but it just don't compromize with my PC, it will give y laptop 10 fps flat oh my.....

- not using personality idle mod as far as I know it cause CTD in short time, I try simulate it repeatedly and still the same

- not using NPCs_yield mod, it crash easily

- not using Apachii_Goddess_Store & Apachii Heroes Store, item missing texture can cause crash. I think this mod isn't properly managed

- not using Antares_Magic_Visual_Ench it will crash in begining sewer

- not using Purge cell bufffer related mod, I think the memory RAM will just mess up with this kind of purgatory

- not using Vanilla Combat mod, I think it crash with Deadly reflex

- not using Auriel Retreat, this mod is expand place in cyrodiil but I don't know how to make it work

- not using Cosmic Night Sky 2, for me this plugin may crashing

- not using Narae pose, it crash in half or one hour of play


sorry I'am not gonna listing all my mods because it's hassle, so I just want to share what mod that is works for me, and not works for me

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Some suggestions for low end PCs (2022)


I'm currently playing Oblivion in an old laptop: Dual core 1.5 GHz, 2 GB RAM, with integrated Intel HD graphics
It runs better than I expected, at 20-30 FPS most of the time.


The only settings not available in the game menu, that clearly improved the framerates for me (by editing Oblivion.ini):

* iMinGrassSize=160        ;Higher values reduce the density of grass. Default 80
* bUseRefractionShader=0        ;Disabled refraction effect from chamaleon/invisibility. Default 1


Mods that seems to improve performance compared to vanilla:
* Unofficial Oblivion Patch
  + Unofficial Oblivion DLC Patches
  + Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch


* EngineBugFixes (obse)
* Oblivion Stutter Remover (obse)
  Prevents issues related to stuttering and framerates. The game feels smoother even with low FPS.
  -> I use v4.1.0 "StutterRemover_OSR_4-1" with default settings (in my case it works better than other settings or later versions that I tested).
* Oblivion Display Tweaks (obse)
  Micro stutter tick fix, high framerate fix, true FOV fix, alt-tab freeze fix in fullscreen, borderless windowed mode.
  -> In the .ini I set iTickFix = 0 (I let OSR manage the FPS). I set bUseD3D9Ex = 0, else it clearly reduces performance in my case.
* SkyBSA (obse)
  Fixes the way Oblivion handles BSAs versus loose files, so it removes the need to mess around with file timestamps.


* Wrye Bash
  Utility to install and easely uninstall mods. It includes many useful features.
    Right click "Bashed Patch.esp" -> Select "Rebuild Patch" -> Check the following tweak options:
      Tweak Actors -> Quiet Feet
      Tweak Assorted -> Bow Reach Fix, Magic:Script Effect Silencer, No Light Fade Value Fix, Nvidia Fog Fix, No Light Flicker
      Tweak Settings -> Magic:Chamaleon Refraction (Zero)

* No More Weapon Litter
  Enemies won't drop weapons on death, keeping them in inventory.
OR Weapon Drop Fix
* Spell light patch
  Makes static the flash light seen when a spell is casted. FPS improvement with no visual loss.
* Life Detect Reduced
  Small tweak to keep the LifeDetect shader from obscuring the NPC face, and look more like breath. Since it no longer screens the view line, it improves the FPS.
* RPG-BlackDragons LowTriPolyGrass BAIN WIZARD
  -> I use the option "0-s" (similar look than vanilla, but shorter, and lower poly count). Use a higher number for better performance and lower quality.
* OptimizedLODHeads
  Lower polygon heads to improve performance at crowded areas, with only a little decrease in quality (mainly ears).
* Loot Menu (obse)
  Allows to view and take the content of containers in real-time (with no loading time, much faster than opening them).


My Oblivion.ini changes optimized for slow pc (explaining their effect):



My List of Mods suggested for slow PCs:


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