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Display subtitles in two languages at once / switch between language subtitles in-game

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Hello! As a way to supplement my language learning, I’ve been playing Skyrim solely in Spanish. However, this presents a couple problems: since my knowledge of the language is still a beginner, I sometimes get confused about dialogue or quest objectives. When I don’t know a word, I look it up using a dictionary or Google translate – having to pause the game or open a new window. This slows down the process immensely.


My thought is to allow two subtitle lines in two languages to be displayed simultaneously. In this way a player can read the line in the language they are trying to learn, and if it is not completely understood they can glance at the equivalent in their native tongue. Or, the other option would be to create a hotkey or menu item that would allow the player to switch languages in-game if they get hung up on a particularly hard dialogue or a word they have never encountered before.


I’ve messed around with moving the Spanish and English audio/dialogue files before. For example, I’ve played with English subtitles and Spanish audio, so I know this kind of manipulation can be done. I would like to take it to the next level having both Spanish and English displayed (or any combination of languages that Skyrim offers!)


Most people give up learning a language because it gets to boring or tedious. Well, what better way to combat boredom than play Skyrim! If this mod were to be implemented successfully, I think this could help many language learners immensely.


I’d love to hear what the community thinks! Any ideas? Can this be done?

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