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Power armor with pip-boy slot

pip-boy power armor

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I love Fallout 3, it's a fantastic game, and I love the pip-boy 3000, it adds so much to the game with an inventory that is truly unique from other franchises. however, one armor in particular, the T-51b is a great looking armor piece, but the pip-boy gives it a 'big arm, little arm' look that I dislike. I am not a modder myself nor do I get much time to learn so I wish to ask the many talented modders on nexus for a mod that adds the forearm back to the T-51b power armor without removing the pip-boy by giving a "hatch" to the forearm that the player flips up and the pip boy is right there under the armor, much like Buzz Lightyear's forearm communicator from toy story 1, protected from the harshness of heavy combat, but easily accessible.


The invisible pip-boy mod takes away from the game when not wearing power armor and I don't like the handheld one for Fallout 3 (New Vegas is fine because it fits the game) I'm not sure how much work this would entail, but if you are interested please feel free to say so in the replies. I think It would give everyone something to enjoy that wont take away from the fallout 3 experience, it would be something that I would name file of the month. 

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