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Game breaking glitch

ultimate game break supreme glitch play-through destroyer buzz kill fun kill worst bug ever

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I cant complete the game because of this major glitch. Basically, Rosabeth died before I could un-petrify her( I don't know how but a fire seed was wear she was supposed to be). Now I can't pull the lever and enter the shaded forest. I've killed 3 of the four old ones but I can't enter the shaded forest to kill the last. Eventually, her tomb stone appeared but it wasn't by the lever. She also acted as if I had used the branch of yore on her even though I hadn't. I'm on NG+++ and I really don't want my save to be ruined. Is there another way to get by without using the lever, or can I reset the game to keep my save. I really don't care so much about literally getting through the gate I actually just want keep my current save and continue playing.

I spent my first two play throughs getting all the boss weapons and armor in the game so I could dress up like the bosses themselves and battle them on NG+++ (I've grinded up to level 300+ btw). Example: I would wear smelter demon armor and use the smelter demon sword while battling the smelter demon.


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Just bino boost through the door. It's a glitch but it will fix your issue.


Look up speed running, it's not such a big deal.

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