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More Variety of Foods

skyrim food more variety cuisine consumables edible eat legumes mod

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So I was sitting in my Breezehome one day and i realised, well, there is a distinct lack of a food variety in my house, i don't see half the things from my food pyramid that i should be eating here, where are my delicious cuisines at? So i went looking for a food mod, but to no avail, the only results that turned up were for survival mods increasing the benefits of current food stats, oh dear.


So i propose, perhaps, a mod that introduces a large variety of varying foods to Skyrim such as Chili, Chocolate, Oranges, Grapes, Bananas, Capsicums, Eggplant, Ham on Bone, Salami, Sausages, Radishes, Avocados and the like. 


I have no idea about modding at all, so what do you guys think?



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skyrim should be a harsh and hard to come by land in the matters of food, or so bethesda say to escuse theyr lazyness, there much things that could be added, imported goods that are very rare and expensive due the war, hope sameone do that.



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Bananas and other fruits like that would seem.. weird.


Anyhow, Hearthfire adds tons of food items, sad thing is that you can't really find those anywhere except by making them, 

which is one thing I intend to fix in my "DLC Integration" patch  :laugh:



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What's the matter? . . . Someone stole your Sweet Roll. . .? But in all honesty Skyrim is a frozen land so where is the Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt stands? . . . everything is there to make it, fresh berries, milk, sugar and ice but no frozen desserts. No wonder the Nords are so sullen and grumpy all the time.

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