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Become a Contractor

roleplaying freelance mercenary

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I have an idea for a mod that might seem feasible to do however I am not sure.

Premise (And Why It is Unique)

The premise of this mod is to allow the player to become a mercenary, sellsword, etc. and do objectives for money and prizes.

Now this is might come of as the same concept as the player does in game: find someone who needs help, help said person and profit. Rinse and Repeat.

However this mod concept is different in the fact that how you it goes about it.

You see this mod, in my mind, is radiant. There are no stories behind these quest, just someone who needs X done and is willing to pay gold for this to be done.

Maybe it is beat someone (or intimidate) for reasons.

Maybe you need to escort someone from one place to another.

Maybe someone wants a place cleaned out.

Or heck maybe someone needs an mercenary to help them out with fighting, like a hireling.


Doesn't matter. You are freelance and a sellsword. You only in it for gold.


How Will It Work?

How this mod will work is that there will be an unofficial group of informants scattered throughout Skyrim. When you talk to these informants you have several options. All dealings between clients and contractors are handled through them; acceptance of contract, cancellation of contract, and payment of contract.


First is to ask if they have any jobs that need to be done. This option is completely random in what you will receive. Maybe beat someone up, maybe escort someone from Point A to Point B, or maybe they need someone deliver a secret package. And the rewards for this option will be random, depending on the job.


Second option is place yourself as a contractor for certain jobs. This will cost the player a hefty fee however it is beneficial in three ways. First you have an idea what kind of jobs you get instead a random kind of job, second is that clients come to you via couriers, and finally you do not need to repeatedly come back to informants for work. Instead you only come to them for payment for your job.


Why Should This Mod Exists?

Because this mod give players an option to roleplay as sellswords, doing radiant missions like those in Companions and other guilds, without having to actually join a guild.




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Why not just... join the Companions?




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Personally I like it and wish there was some way I could help.

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