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  I recently found a mod in the Steam Workshop that adds a mine next to Lakeview Manor.  The location was great because it is real close to where you build your house but outside the house area so that Hearhfire is not required.  The problem I have with the mine is that it is basically a series of long tunnels full of ore veins (several iron, several corrundum, etc etc).  I use a non-stop chopping and mining mod, so I really only need 1 vein of each type of ore.  It also does not include every type of ore, and would be even better if there was a way to mine stallhrim (I think I spelled that wrong).

  I know that this breaks lore or takes away from the game or whatever by having all ores mine-able in one handy location, but running all around the world to mine the materials I need or hunting at every vendor just to find what I'm looking for gets real annoying real fast.  Plus sometimes the D/L armor I want to use requires materials that I'm too low level for the vendors to carry yet.

  I had thought this would be a good mod for me to finally try my hand at modding, however I have no idea where to start and have been unable to find tutorials that would help me learn how to mod while creating this mine.  I have never tried creating any mods of any kind for any game, so if someone could help me find a tutorial that would teach a first time modder how to create this, or if someone could just create this for me it would be greatly appreciated. 


The mine I got my inspiration from can be found on the steam workshop at:

http://steamcommunit...t=lakeview mine


Another mine close by there (this one removes the conjurer below the house but does not have much in the way of ore).  I like the idea of this one removing that annoying sacrifice table between my home and the lake and would prefer this location for the mine:

http://steamcommunit...t=lakeview mine

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