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Putting flame atronach resistance on player

mod flame atronach resist player fire

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Hello talented modders!


I am a much less talented first time modder in need of your assistance.



I have succeeded in creating a shrine that adds a "Resist Fire 100%" effect to the player, however the player still takes a small amount of damage from fire - I read that Bethesda made the game so that the player couild not be completely invulnerable to fire.


But - The flame atronach IS completely resistant to fire, and when a fire spell is case at one the message "Flame Atronach resisted {fire spell} appears.  Is there any way to apply the true 'invulnerable to fire' to the player for a set amount of time?  I have tried applying the "abFlameAtronach" but I've had no success with this.


And before anyone shouts 'Do a google search' :wink:  I have searched for literally hours online and experimented in game.  You guys are my last bastion of hope.  I am a first time modder and need very simple step by step instructions please :smile:


May Talos bless the champion who can help me.

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