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Sort of Hunter's Home?

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First thing's first

  1. This is my first forum post on anything ever
  2. I apologize if there is some sort of universally understood law of forums that I shamelessly disobey....... It's an accident, please be forgiving <3

  Something like this may well already exist; however, I was unable to find it. 

  The only player homes I can ever seem to find are always massive and elaborate or just not to my personal liking.

  I'm starting out a new save in which I'm attempting to be as immersed as possible without ruining all the fun. I've got Frostfall, Hunterborn, iNeed, etc., and I'm trying to be mostly independent from merchants and cheat-like mods and things of the sort. I have Hearthfire (I got Legendary Edition on sale around christmas), but I want a player home that better matches this character, play-through, etc.. The thought of roughing it and then retiring to Windstad (sp?), Lakeview Manor, or the other... I make a sour face when I think about it. 

  So here's the mod:

  A campsite... maybe a small house house, but something small and open (i. e. a house that doesn't require a loading screen, just a bedroom, basically). Similar to what you would find roaming the wild when you run into a hunter NPC, but maybe a few more things. Some separate storage for those who like to organize (like me). Like a regular chest and some barrels/sacks- nothing fancy. Throw in a tanning rack, a cooking pot over the fire (and if it's a tent rather than a small cabin, maybe something slightly larger than the standard hunting camp tent over the bedroll, simply for convenience regarding manipulating the camera). A map marker would be stellar, but if it's at least close to something with one (e. g. a clearable/non hostile cave?), that'd be great. 

  I really just want a simple, PERMANENT place that I can store my things and use as a base. Yes, I have Frostfall and those camping mechanics, but I can only keep so many things. I like to collect cool things, and also collect items to use at a later time all at once (for skills such as alchemy, smithing, enchanting)...

  Thanks in advance to anyone who even spares the time to read this. Hopefully I did alright for my first forum post. 

  If someone is interested in making this/wants to discuss it/etc. via other media, my twitter is @emthejuggler, I'm usually on there, and my steam is boomslangity.




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Have you looked at

http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/15317/? Hunters Treehouse by Stevo_the_gamer


Also look at

Buildable Chests and Containers with Advanced Placement by retakrew7

You could find a nice spot someplace even the river side shack and add storage to it using this so you don't need loading screens in and out.

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